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          Ocean Freight Transportation from the US to Montevideo

          Montevideo is the capital and largest city of the South American country of Uruguay. The city had a population of 1,319,108 as of 2011. Montevideo has consistently been rated as having the highest quality of life of any city in Latin America. Are you seeking entry to the Uruguayan market? Learn more about ocean freight transportation from the US to Montevideo for your exports.

          As the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo is the economic and political center of the country. Most of the largest and wealthiest businesses in Uruguay have their headquarters in the city. The city is home to two of Uruguay’s most important buildings-the World Trade Center Montevideo (1998) and Telecommunications Tower (2000), the headquarters of Uruguay’s government-owned telecommunications company ANTEL.

          As of 2010, Montevideo was the 19th largest city economy in South America, and the ninth highest income earner among major cities. It is classified as a Beta World City, ranking seventh in Latin America, and 73rd in the world. If you’re an exporter, ocean freight transportation from the US to Montevideo should be part of your business strategy.

          Full Container Load (FCL) or Groupage (LCL)

          Anyone shipping a container to Montevideo will need to choose between a full container load (FCL) or groupage-a less-than-container load (LCL).

          Your choice will be dictated largely by the volume of your shipment. We recommend FCL (a full container load) if you are shipping six or more standard pallets. FCL is also a wise option if you wish to ship your goods separately from those of other exporters. A 40-foot container carries 22 standard pallets, while a 20-foot shipping container takes up to 10 standard pallets.

          A less-than-container load (LCL)-also called groupage-is a good choice for smaller shipments if separation isn’t an issue. You will share a shipping container with other exporters, and pay only for the space you use. Please consult iContainers for rates and other important information.

          Ocean Freight Routes to Montevideo

          • Port of Montevideo
            The Port of Montevideo, in the northern part of the Old City of Montevideo, is a modern, well-equipped port that is one of the major ports of South America. It is managed by the ANP (Autoridad Nacional del Puertos). The presence of the port has contributed to the establishment of various industries in the area surrounding Montevideo Bay, particularly import/export businesses. The Port of Montevideo now features over 14,000 feet of quays, and covers over 270 acres. Montevideo Bay gives natural protection to ships, although there are now two jetties that protect the harbour entrance as well. The port is a monument to the country’s flourishing economy.

          Air Freight Transportation to Montevideo

          Air freight may be more appropriate for your needs than ocean freight if your deadline is tight and your shipment is urgent. Air freight imposes some limitations on volume and weight; iContainers provides a calculator to help you determine whether this is the right option for you.