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Welcome to the iContainers blog! We have been collecting all the useful information to accomplish a good process of export and import. We try to solve any problems that may arise with the exporter / importer in between the process. It is really important to follow the procedure process when accomplishing an international shipment, to clearly know the actors that are involved, documentation needed and Inconterm arranged and dealt with. It’s also important to clearly identify if the shipment is to be done as an export or import, and if the dimensions of the commodities occupies a Less than a Container Load (LCL) or a Full Container Load (FCL). We also have some information to assist our clients with uncommon shipments. These will be described in detail on special shipments that we have been receiving over time.  We also offer information on moving and advises to help prevent our clients from making mistakes on their first export.

Articles about sea freight shipping are coming soon! Don’t forget to fill out the contact information!

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