Freight Consolidator

The freight consolidator is an operator who uses the carrier as a vehicle; he loads a collective load of goods under his own name to ultimately reach one or more consignees end destination. The consolidator groups goods from a range of individual exporters into a single full container of cargo.

These services are used when an exporting company is unable to completely fill a container with its own merchandise and is forced to share space with other exporters. The consolidator handles cargo of several exporters regardless of if they are going to the same final destination, they will deliver owners goods to the city destination. It is very important to specify properly what kind of goods you are shipping because different ships may be needed for different types of goods.

The normal procedure to ship via a freight consolidator agency is quite simple; (most of them are listed in a normal directory) an agent or representative who will guide you throughout the process until the goods are brought to the final destination.

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