How to Calculate Air Freight Rates

When calculating the price of international air freight rates, we need to keep in mind the service we are looking for. It provides the fastest transport speeds over long distances, quick administrative processes and a low risk of damage to the goods being transported. When you want to make an international export by air the carrier’s cost is usually the most important charge and so it is necessary to be clear about the weight and volume of the cargo as this directly affects the charge by the air carrier.

Due to the high costs and the limitation in weight and volume that can be transported, air transport lends itself to small goods, high value goods, perishable goods and urgent shipments.

The air transport costs depend on the WEIGHT-to-VOLUME RATIO, if you want to send a package the cost is defined by using the higher of the measures, knowing that the air weight is the higher value of gross weight and chargeable weight (for air 1m^3 = 167 kg).

The following principles are included within international air transport prices

  • Air Freight: International transport price, i.e. the price of transporting goods from the origin airport to the destination airport.
  • Fuel surcharge
  • IRC: Insurance Risk
  • Customs Clearance: DUA, unified customs document
  • Air rate E2/GTC Airport Tax
  • Manipulating airport
  • Issuing AWB: all costs associated with the issuance of the air waybill or bill of lading.
  • S.R.C: Liability insurance.
  • Scanning unknown goods in the terminal (X-rays or other means of physical examination).

With air freight transportation, a logistical error can lead to considerable negative economic impact. So it is important to have the right advice. If you need to make any air shipment we can help! You can check our prices of airfreight through the following link.

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