Moving from America to Buenos Aires

Maritime transport for shipments moving from America to Buenos Aires from the U.S. can be done by full container load (FCL) or less than full container load (LCL) (ie, sending in a space within a with in a container shared by other companies and individuals).

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The Port of Buenos Aires is Argentina’s cultural, industrial, commercial, and financial heart. Its connections to Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay by a system of navigable rivers make it a distribution hub for much of the South American continent. Some sources report that the Port of Buenos Aires is the 13th largest urban economy in the world.

Transit times to Buenos Aires are around 32-37 days from the west coast and around 19-31 days from the east coast.

For quoting an LCL shipment to Buenos Aires use our quote finder to get the best prices. With the quote finder you can enter the postal code of the location where the goods are to be collected from, or the origin port if you plan to bring the goods there yourself, and the bulking option. In the third step you enter the exact volume (multiplying the width, height and length of each of the packages and adding them other , e.g. a parcle of 1.20 m x 0,8 m x 1m = 0.96 m3) and the exact weight, then the total price can be calculated.

You can also use our wizard to perform these calculations and get your price. For more information see our video tutorial.

All prices include collection, customs at origin, loading onto the ship and international transport to the destination port. The costs of arrival at Buenos Aires are not included and you must provide the customs broker service at destination to get the most economical price. The destination agent must inform you of any restrictions and taxes that may exist for the packages at Buenos Aires, as well as costs and arrival and entry at the port.

Our prices are valid for the current month. If you want to make your move later you can get the current price level reference and you organize cargo a month and a half in advance.

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