Moving to China

Moving to China can be an exciting but complicated process. To assist you with this, iContainers has compiled some information for you on how to spend less time stressing and more time enjoying your new surroundings. Whether the move happens to be because of your job, or personal reasons; proper planning is key to a successful move. One of the critical choices you will have to make is which international shipping company you will trust to move your goods to China. iContainers, as a premier freight forwarding company, can provide you with a quote in less than two minutes, saving you time to focus on all of the other things that come with moving to a new country.


iContainers, because of our global presence, can provide you with a door-to-door service from the United States to China. This service is especially beneficial for people moving internationally, as they can avoid having to find a customs broker in China or organize a trucking service to deliver your goods to their new address.
Depending on the quantity and type of goods you want to ship, you can hire a whole container, or a shared space in the container. For example, if you wish to ship a car to China you will need to hire a full container to ship the car. However, if you are only moving a small apartment then you may only need to hire a section of a shared container to facilitate your move.

If you are moving your whole house, we can facilitate having a trucking company bring the container to your home, so that you can load it with your household goods. You can also choose to bring the goods to the Steamship line’s warehouse yourself if you have the means to do so.

It is also important to familiarize yourself with Chinese customs requirements as they can be very restrictive on certain goods, specifically electronics, automobiles and other manufactured goods.


Give yourself enough time to pack all of your boxes correctly. Label the boxes appropriately for their contents and specify which room they will go in at your new house. This will help you immensely when unpacking in China.
If you have items that you will need immediately up arrival in China make sure to keep them with you.
The last step is to relax! By choosing to ship with iContainers you can avoid the hassles of moving and spend more time exploring your new country.

Make your move simple with iContainers!

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