Ocean Freight from the United States to Chile

iContainers provides services that can help make your ocean freight from the United States to Chile go smoothly. Use the following information to get you started in your process.

Located between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, The Republic of Chile is home to 17.5 million people, plus some beautiful scenery and temperate climate. Shipping from the United States to Chile will take an average of 13-38 days depending on the city of origin. Shipping departures to Chile occur every seven days.

Some major Chilean Ports include the Port of Arica, the Port of San Antonio, the Port of Valparaiso, and the Port of Iquique.

The Port of Arica is in Arica, Chile in the Arica and Parinacota region. This port prides itself in becoming the first “Green Port” in Chile due to its investment in the environment. The Port of San Antonio is the principal port of Chile, as it is the port closest to Santiago, the capital of Chile. This port is strategically located for easy access by highway and railway.

The Port of Valparaiso is in Valparaiso, Chile, a city currently experiencing much urban development. This is one of the principal ports of Chile that handles many transactions from South America and the Pacific Coast. The port of Iquique is in the Tarapaca region on the northern coast of Chile. It has two large terminals currently and is making expansions.

Current costs of shipping FCL container from the Port of Miami to the Port of San Antonio are:
  • 20 Feet: $2,600
  • 40 Feet $3,400
  • 40 High Cube $3,400
iContainers also has great rates for LCL Shipments to the Port of San Antonio:
  • 1 CBM LCL : $360
  • 2 CBM LCL : $500
  • 5 CBM LCL : $800

iContainers can provide FCL and LCL ocean freight services to Chile from the United States.

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