Moving from the US to Australia

So you’re moving from the US to Australia, but what about your stuff? Depending on the nature and specifics of your relocation, you might find that you need to move your furniture, vehicle, or other items you can’t take on the plane. With iContainers you can ship your freight using our simple online process, and check one of the most stressful parts of the moving process off of your list.

Australia has a population of about 22.7 million people. It is a diverse country and continent with residentsfrom over 200 countries and over 200 languages spoken there. Canberra is the country’s capital city, while Melbourne and Sydney are also large Australian cities. Australia offers family, business, retirement and work visas with varying levels of permanency.

First, determine what you want to ship.
Some things you will leave behind, but some things you will want to bring with you to your new home in Australia. If you own a car, trucks, boat, or motorcycle you will need to decide whether you will leave them with friends or family, sell them, or ship them to Australia. If you do wish to keep the items you can’t take with you on the plane, you can ship them to Australia with our international freight shipping service. You can find useful tips on how to successfully plan your international move in our overseas moving shipping guide.

Door-to-door service
iContainers offers door-to-door service as well. If you are shipping personal items that have not yet been palletized and do not wish to deliver your items to the warehouse yourself, iContainers can arrange to pick up your items and deliver them to the warehouse, and then we can arrange to deliver your goods directly to your new home in Australia.

How Much Will Your Shipment Cost?
To see an example of a quote for shipping your personal belongings to Australia, view the rates below.
Current cost of shipping from Atlanta, GA to Sydney, Australia are:

FCL shipments:
20 Feet: $3,444
40 Feet $5,171
40 High Cube $5,171

LCL shipments:
1 CBM LCL : $414
2 CBM LCL : $573
5 CBM LCL : $1,113

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