Regulations for Shipments to Kenya

The Republic of Kenya is home to over 43 million people, and is located in the southeast region of Africa. As part of the African Great Lakes region, Kenya’s capital city is Nairobi. International shipments to Kenya can be made simple with iContainers USA. First, though, you will need to be aware of the following requirements and precautions.

Required Documents

The following documents will need to accompany your shipment in order to clear customs in Kenya.

• Passport (original, not a copy)
• Work Permit (non-Kenyan citizens only)
• Baggage Declaration Form C-18 signed
• Bank Release
• Three copies of valued detailed Inventory (in English)
• Insurance Certificate
• Invoices (for electrical items and serial numbers)
• Certificate of change of address

Customs Regulations for Personal Items

You must be present for customs clearance. For returning Kenyan citizens, any used household goods or personal items are duty-free for returning Kenyan citizens that lived outside Kenya for at least two years, so long as the items arrive within three months after the owner does. For non-Kenyan citizens can import duty-free as well within three months of their work permit being issued. Please note that all personal items must have been in owner’s possession for at least a year prior to shipping in order to be duty-free.

Dutiable Items

Alcoholic beverages, any new items, trade goods or goods for sale, used machinery, and computers are all dutiable upon entry to Kenya.

Prohibited Items

Any weapons, plants, pornographic material, drugs, or political literature is prohibited.
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