Sending Commercial Shipments to Peru

Getting your commercial shipments to  Peru, small or large, can be done without any unnecessary stress. iContainers USA ships to Peru from ports all over the United States, and departures leave from each port every seven days. See the shipping requirements below to get started.

Documents required

Documents must be completed in Spanish or they must come with a Spanish translation if they are written in English. While there are not any predetermined duty rates, ad valorem duties are based on CIF value. See WTO Customs Valuation to see specifics on this process.

  • Commercial invoice (3 or more copies), in Spanish or with Spanish translation
  • Bill of Lading (3 copies), in Spanish or with Spanish translation (a 10% maritime freight tax will be assessed on all ocean bills of lading)
  • Packing List (if not included in Bill of Lading): include weights and measurements for each item in metric system units. Peruvian tariff numbers for each item may be required.
  • Certificate of Origin (3 copies)

An import license is not necessary when shipping common items, however it is necessary to ship dangerous materials, some live animals, and eggs.

Packaging and Labeling

  • Your packaging should be able to withstand weather conditions, and each individual package´s contents should be clearly identified and marked on the package. Those marks must match those on the Bill of Lading.
  • Further product-specific requirements may apply to food products. Contact us for more details.

Prohibited items

  • Used clothing, shoes
  • Used tires
  • Radioactive waste and residue
  • Used cars more than five years old
  • Used trucks more than eight years old

The ports of Peru include Callao, Lima, Matarani, Paiti. See sample shipping rates to Peru or find your own personalized quote using our search tool.

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