Benefits of a Business Account with iContainers US

Here at iContainers US we strive to make our services as personalized and convenient as possible for our customers. That is why we offer the business account for customers that are booking shipments for their respective businesses. Creating an account as a “business” opens you up to the benefits of a business account with iContainers US.

Empleo transporte internacional

You should always use your business account on to get shipping quotes for your international business needs, because sometimes our quotes for businesses are different from those for individuals. If you only have an individual account, be sure to create a business account for your commercial shipments with just a few clicks.

As we run a business, too, we know how important it is for your business equipment to get where it needs to be, and get there on time. Trust us with your next business shipment by booking a shipment through your business account.

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