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Is there something as delicate as a piece of art? Our door-to-door service Spain – USA conducted the shipping and transportation of the exhibition “Pensar con las manos” (thinking with the hands), which traveled from its headquarters in Valencia to the exhibition hall in Miami and punctually opened its doors on 8th May.

Sending personal effects implies a responsibility beyond monetary value. In the case of an art exhibition with fragile objects, other factors, such as the need for punctuality, attention to detail and an extreme delicacy when transporting facilities and art pieces themselves.

Our door-to-door service Spain-USA-Spain was the partner of the exhibition “Pensar con las manos” (thinking with hands), an innovative exhibition project that allows visitors to experience the creative universe of spanish artists Pep Carrió and Isidro Ferrer and their works across devices augmented reality, 3D and 2D animation, video and other multimedia content. Exhibition aims to explore the possibilities offered by new technologies applied to the sensitive and imaginative world of the authors.

As a company based on new technologies, door-to-door iContainers service Spain -USA was the best ally for the curators of the exposition.  We also send door-to-door the other way round…Need to ship?

puerta a puerta

Detail of a piece of the exposition

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