Your International Shipping Toolkit: What You Need to Send Your Stuff Abroad

So you’ve got some items that need to be moved across the globe – what now? You need to ship them. What next? You’ve decided on LCL shipping, but there is too much information out there for you to even begin to try to understand it. How are you supposed to know what you really need?

Well, we at iContainers are here to make it plain and simple. We’ve come up with an LCL “Shipping Toolkit” so you can be sure that you have everything you need to ship your items abroad.

What’s in the Shipping Toolkit?

Tool #1: Shipment Specifics

Make sure you know the weight, volume, and specific contents of your shipment.

Tool #2: iContainers US (The Freight Forwarder)

You will need a freight forwarder to handle your shipment up until the shipment reaches the destination country.

Tool #3: Documentation

iContainers will let you know exactly what documentation is required for your destination. You can also browse our blog for tips.

Tool #4: Customs Agent in Your Destination Country

You are going to need a customs agent to help you with arrangements once your shipment has reached its country of destination.

With these tools you should be all set to get your items shipping overseas immediately. To get started, search our rates now, or contact a specialist at (305)-371-9943 for concerns or questions about a particular shipment.


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