iContainers, nominee for "Business Excellence Award"

This award honors outstanding companies doing business in Spain and the United States.

iContainers continues with its second nomination for “Business Excellence Award”

The company Eulen, dedicated to the general internationalization of business services, has won the award for business excellence “Ponce de León 2014”.

Among the nominees this year, we find important companies like “Express travel” or “Whitney University System”. For iContainers, this its second nomination to these awards as an acknowledgment of its intense business and perseverant work as a young e-commerce.

“Ponce de León” awards recognize companies and professionals who have demonstrated some outstanding business achievements. The winners are publicly recognized for their hard work and contribution to employment and economic growth in Spain and the United States.

iContainers, the first online forwarding in the Spanish market, will continue its work with its headquarters located in Barcelona and Miami, to ensure the development of an industry that until now no one had dared to digitize.

If you want to see some pictures of the awards ceremony just click here.

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