The secret to be more productive in 15 seconds

A 24-hour day has 5,760 fifteen-second time periods.  Have you ever thought about how you use each one? Seriously. Do you think is easy to be more productive in such short periods of time? Definitely, yes. Keep reading to find out how you can be more productive in 15 seconds.  One short moment in time, one huge step for your business.

There’s a lot of more to do in 15 seconds than staring at the computer trying to look highly efficient, being hypnotized by the sound of your coffee coming out of from the Nespresso machine, searching in Youtube for kitten videos or googling your name to see what comes up writing your name. The next video is going to show you how 15 seconds can improve your life, specially your shipping life.

15 seconds is enough time to accomplish all kinds of things. Between shredding papers to closing the best deal ever, there’s a golden opportunity space to do really productive things. This, for example:

15 seconds is all you need to get an instant and complete quote from iContainers: your ocean-freight to Guayaquil, your export to France… it doesn’t matter. You choose where from and where to, FCL or LCL, compare rates and of course, go for the best one. All in 15 seconds. Can you think of about a better freight-forwarding solution?

How amazing, isn’t it? That’s why we dedicate you this video to you… because you always thought that it took 15 seconds just to pick up the phone and say good morning to your freight forwarder. That was yesterday. Today, 15 seconds make the difference.

We want you to use your time wisely, make your exports easier, answer all of your frequent questions. We are here for you, and just in case you are the nostalgic type, we also have somebody here to pick up the phone and say hello and help.

And you?  What can you achieve in 15 seconds? How much can you put off in 15 seconds? Share your comments with us. We’d love to know!

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