iContainers offers pick up as an optional service. We strongly recommend hiring the pickup service of your goods whenever no vehicles are included (except motorcycles and scooters) and the port of origin is not nearby. Whenever there is a vehicle involved in the shipping besides the commodities, we will suggest the usage of a professional warehouse nearby the port of origin to fill in the container.
When a container arrives to the loading address, no loading assistance is included.

Every port has many freight forwarders and agencies with good connections to customs brokers. We recommend contacting more than one broker or agent to compare the information and quotes provided.
In the cases of non-coastal ports like Asunción (Paraguay), the routes will have a stop-off seaside port (e.g.: Montevideo or Buenos Aires). In this case, your customs broker must be informed of the customs requirements at this port. The stop-off ports are shown in our website during the booking process.
We always recommend you search for the customs broker and requirements on Google.

Departure shipping dates must be chosen approximately 10 days prior the clients departure date out of the country. We strongly recommend not leaving the country before the cargo has gone through export customs in case any extra requirements are needed.
Ideally, the reservation should be made through our website between 15 and 20 days prior to the shipping date, even though in urgent circumstances is possible to speed things up. The bulks should be at the port in a FCL or LCL at least 1 week prior to the ships departures date.

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