The price includes all the services needed to reach the port of destination.

It is necessary for our clients, to look for a customs broker at their final destination, inquire about the costs upon arrival at the destination port, customs requirements and if any taxes may apply to you cargo.

IMPORTANT! iContainers does not manage any of these formalities at destination.

Differences between Full Container Load and Less Container Load

We offer two types of services: FCL and LCL.

The FCL service is used when transporting bulky cargo or large volumes occupying more than 15cbm or if transporting any vehicle. With this service, the space inside a 20ft or a 40ft container is completely used by the exporter.

The LCL service is used when sending smaller volumes (approximately less than 350cbft/10cbm). With this service, you can book and pay for a specific volume inside a container shared with other people or companies.