For businesses, when reserving a commercial shipment it is mandatory to fulfill US customs regulations as well as the regulations of your destination country.

For your convenience, we have provided below a list of documents that will be required to to ship abroad from the US. Clearance in your destination country will need to be reviewed by the importer or by a broker in your destination country.

In order to fill US customs regulations you will need to provide the following information. Please be aware that these are just general guidelines. Once you reserve a shipment, your required documentation will be reviewed case by case and additional information may be required.

Packing List

  • List of items and monetary value, Schedule B (HS CODE) and other valuable information (dimensions, quantity, weight). You can find your Hts Code here.

Commercial Invoice

  • Should match the amount declared on the packing list
  • Vendor and Client must be Shipper and Consignee
  • If the value is less than $2,500, no customs clearance fee is necessary to be paid
  • Items and description of goods
  • Specific information required by destination

Written authorization form: giving capacity to do export clearance

  • Note: You will have to sign the document as: President, VP or CEO)
  • EIN (Employer Identification number) or DUNS number.


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