How to Prepare a Shipment

Full Container Load (FCL)

If you choose to hire a full container, you will be provided with the containers that you have requested at the address, date and time specified.

When loading the container please keep in mind the following:

    • You have 2 hours to load or unload the container; each additional hour will be charged to you. If you know in advance that you will need more than two hours for loading or unloading, let us know in advance.
    • Take into account the measurements of the containers that you hired and make sure that your goods can fit in there (if the goods are palletized, be sure to add the height of the pallet). Pay special attention to the container door’s height, as it is usually slightly lower than the inside height.
    • The container is located at a height of 1.2-1.4 meters above ground level.
    • The goods must be properly loaded and secured to prevent shifting and damage during transportation. Any damage caused by improperly securing goods is not covered by the shipping company or by the insurance company.

Less than Container Load (LCL)

If you hire an LCL, you may choose between personally depositing your goods in our warehouse or hiring our collection service at the address you specify. In both cases, we take care of loading the goods in the container.

In the case of an importation, you can choose between picking up the goods from our warehouse or hiring our delivery service at the address you specify.

When preparing an LCL shipping, please note the following:

  • The goods must be properly palletized. You can bring your goods without pallets and we will palletize them (this service has an additional cost).
  • In the warehouse, the goods are measured and weighed once palletized, to calculate the final shipping price. To calculate the price, be sure to take into account the weight and volume of the pallet used.

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