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Ocean Freight Rates

When shipping your goods via ocean freight, you may either ship your cargo as a full container load (FCL) or just as loose cargo in a partial container (LCL).

Full Container Load (FCL)

When shipping using a full container you will have the entire container at your disposal. You may load it any way you wish, as long as you do not exceed the weight limits established.  All infractions or fines will be paid by the shipper. Some additional restrictions will apply when a container is partially moved by rail. Weight restrictions may vary and certain goods are prohibited.

Different container load shipments

When loading your merchandise, keep in mind that the container is in a constant swaying motion during the trip, and if the merchandise is not correctly secured, it could be damaged.

The shipping price will vary depending on the number of containers you wish to send, your destination, and your carrier.

If you would like a scale to weigh your container with, this can be supplied to you upon your request.

Less than a container Load (LCL)

When shipping using LCL, you will share the container with other shippers. With LCL shipping it is very important that the goods are properly packed and palletized. If you wish you can contact us to ensure that the warehouse your goods will ship from will accept your packing.

Shipping prices will vary depending on the weight and volume of the goods you wish to send. Once your cargo arrives at the warehouse it will be reweighed and measured. A dock receipt will be sent to you if there is a substantial difference in anticipated and actual weight.

Additional transit time will occur if the warehouse does not receive the goods to be shipped before the designated cut-off date.

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