Air freight

For those in need of a faster alternative to traditional sea freight shipping, iContainers offers its customers the option of an air freight quote.

Air freight is the fastest way to ship your cargo, allowing your goods to arrive at their destination between 1 and 5 days (depending whether you are shipping to a main or a secondary airport).

Air freight limitations

Air freight has much stricter weight and volume restrictions compared to sea freight. Limitations are given by the aircraft’s capacity and the measure of the door.

These are the limit measures:

  • Maximum height: 1,580mm / 5’2″
  • Maximum width: 2,000mm / 6’6″
  • Maximum length: 2,000mm / 6’6″

If cargo exceeds any of these measures, it will be considered oversized and will have to be quoted specifically.

It is also important to consider whether cargo is stackable or not to know the real volume needed inside the plane.


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