Ocean Freight with Pickup or Delivery

Regardless of type of ocean freight shipping you are using (FCL, LCL, air), iContainers can pick up (export) or deliver (import) your goods anywhere you want.

There are three ways to pick/deliver your goods, depending on whether you have booked a container service or a non-container service and whether your cargo is palletized or not:

  • Pickup/Delivery of full container
  • Pickup/Delivery of pallets
  • Pickup/Delivery of personal effects and/or household goods

Pickup/Delivery of full container

When hiring a container service, it is common to load/unload the goods at customer’s ware house (or at customer’s home in case of a house removal). iContainers offers container trucking between the port and the chosen pickup/delivery location.

If you hire this service, the container will get to your location on the agreed date and time and you will have 2 hours to load/unload your goods. If you need more than 2 hours, please contact us to get more information.

Pickup/Delivery of pallets

When doing a non-container shipment with your cargo palletized, you can choose between personally transporting your pallets to/from our warehouse (at no extra cost) or hiring our pallet pick up/delivery service.

If you hire this service, our personnel will pick up/deliver your pallets to the chosen location on the agreed date and time.

Pickup/Delivery of personal effects and/or household goods

In case you are doing a non-container personal shipment and you do not have your cargo palletized, iContainers can pick up your goods at your door and take them to our warehouse to be palletized.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: iContainers DOES NOT offer packing service. When hiring a personal goods pickup, cargo must be properly packed using appropriate boxes and protected with bubble wrap.

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