Shipments from United States to Spain

iContainers can provide your shipments from the United States to Spain door-to-door. This means we can facilitate the pickup of your goods in the United States and have them delivered to your location in Spain once they have arrived at the port of destination. This service is hassle-free and does not require you to manage the goods once they arrive in the port of destination, as is typical with freight forwarding. With so many ports in the United States and Spain, iContainers can find you the right route at the price and timeline that fits your needs. Know which of these two kind of services for shipping overseas will suit you:

LCL: The first one is ideal for not bulky loads, so you can share a container with other shippers in order to save money and space in the ship. This kind of shipment is known as LCL (Less than Container Load). You can see prices for your LCL to Spain online in real time with iContainers.

FCL: The second option you have is to book a complete container for you, this is called FCL (Full Container Load) and will allow you to carry larger items or more products. Explore now how much an FCL to Spain will cost.

Two of the 50 most important ports for shipping containers (either import or export) are Spanish ports. According to statistics from World Shipping the busiest Spanish port is the Port of Valencia, which is ranked No. 30 in the world rankings with over 4.3M TEUs moved in 2011. This is followed by the Port of Algeciras Bay with 3.6M TEUs. Though these are Spain’s two largest ports, iContainers ships to many more ports around the country.

According to ICEX, the main products imports from Spain to the United States in 2012 were intermediate products, capital goods, petroleum oil, wine and handmade paintings and drawings. As for exports from the U.S. to Spain, the main products were medicines, petroleum oils obtained from bituminous minerals, aircraft and specialty vehicles, coal, briquettes and similar solid fuels.

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