Peak Season in times of COVID19

The 2020 shipping peak season brings new challenges for shippers and will raise, even more, question marks than previous seasons. The pandemic caused by COVID19 will continue to affect the world economy for a while.

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Did you know?

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    The peak season usually sees higher incidences of rolled cargo.

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    Checking the situation at destination port or country could avoid problems

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    Peak season 2020 will be more unpredictable than the previous one

What’s in this guide?

With COVID, Brexit and election year in the United States, this high season will be surrounded by last moment news.

In this guide, we will dive into the factors affecting this year’s peak season and their impact, as well as the advice and tips you need to begin planning your shipment.:

  • Wait and/or delays fees
  • General Rate Increase (GRI)
  • Recommended regarding COVID19
  • Alternatives to send your cargo
  • Managing the Peak Season