2019 shipping peak season. Why you should begin preparing now.

The 2019 shipping peak season brings new challenges for shippers and will raise more question marks than previous seasons. It is recommendable to begin preparing to avoid potential complications. But to do so, we must first understand what the outlook for this year’s peak season will be like.

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Did you know?

  • 1 International shipping costs can skyrocket during the shipping peak season.
  • 2 The 2019 shipping peak season is expected to be rougher than previous years.
  • 3 Smart planning can help avoid high costs and delays and help you get your shipment in smoothly and on time.

What’s in this guide?

In this guide, we will cover the main factors affecting the 2019 shipping peak season and their impact on ocean freight, and the surcharges you can expect to encounter. We will also provide you with professional advice and tips so that you are well-equipped to manage your shipment and avoid delays and additional costs.