Basic information about the port of MADRID

Location of MADRID



Latitude:40.4165 , Longitude:-3.70256

The port of MADRID in Spain is well-connected to the other Spanish ports of Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Algeciras, hence raising the port’s efficiency. As a dry port, it handles port traffic in the hinterlandsand combines rail, sea and road transport.

These are some examples of ocean freight rates to and from the port of MADRID calculated by our quoting system in less than 15 seconds:

Shipping cargo to the port of MADRID

Miami - Madrid

From 1,259 $

New York - Madrid

From 1,331 $

Chicago, Il - Madrid

From 1,524 $

St Louis - Madrid

From 1,534 $

Savannah - Madrid

From 1,618 $

Sending cargo from the port of MADRID

Madrid - Savannah

From 1,128 $

Madrid - New York

From 1,128 $

Madrid - Norfolk

From 1,182 $

Madrid - Savannah

From 1,203 $

Madrid - Miami

From 1,204 $

Our services in the port of MADRID

The port of MADRID (ISOCODE: ESMAD) offers the following types of international shipping: FCL, LCL and door to door.