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          Most Frequent Questions

          What is included in our prices?

          The price includes all the services needed to reach the port of destination .

          It is necessary for our clients, to look for a customs broker at their final destination, inquire about the costs upon arrival at the destination port, customs requirements and if any taxes may apply to you cargo.

          IMPORTANT! iContainers does not manage any of these formalities at destination.

          Differences between Full Container Load and Less Container Load

          We offer two types of services: FCL and LCL.

          The FCL service is used when transporting bulky cargo or large volumes occupying more than 15cbm or if transporting any vehicle. With this service, the space inside a 20ft or a 40ft container is completely used by the exporter.

          The LCL service is used when sending smaller volumes (approximately less than 350cbft/10cbm). With this service, you can book and pay for a specific volume inside a container shared with other people or companies.

          What type of goods can be transported?

          Any type of household goods can be shipped, such as: furniture, clothing, appliances (washing machine, dryer, small appliances) etc.

          Personal vehicles may also be shipped, but it is necessary to be informed about the restrictions of the destination country. Please get in touch with your consulate or embassy; these entities may be in contact with a customs broker or agent that can help you with this information.

          The following goods are forbidden to be shipped: drinks, neither alcoholic beverages, animals, plants, firearms nor any type of weapon, undeclared goods, prohibited substances.

          The exporter must be aware that the container may reach temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius or 125 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason we strongly recommend not to ship goods sensitive to high temperatures.

          How long will the shipment take to arrive at destination?

          Shipping time will depend entirely on the route taken by the ocean carrier and can vary between 10 and 40 days.

          Is packaging and loading services into transportation included?

          No, Icontainers will only offer ground transportation related to the maritime shipment.

          When the pick up is coordinated (FCL and LCL), the truck driver will be waiting for the items to be loaded into the truck by the client. He is not obliged to help during the loading. We will be working to offer a better service during this process.

          How is a full container loaded?

          iContainers offers 2 ways to load a container. Depending on whether the client has the proper tools and expertise to personally load his good from the chosen address (permits and/ or neighbors authorizations). If not we can offer to hire the services of a warehouse near the port of origin. We recommend that our clients load and secure the cargo into their container themselves if there is no vehicle involved.

          • 1. If the client is to personally prepare the loading at his home address, the following needs to be taken into consideration:

            • a. There are 2 hours for loading included with the collection. Any extra time needed for the load will be charged accordingly. We do not include boxes nor packaging or loading personnel.
            • b. The container will arrive on a truck with a height off the ground between 47in and 60in.
            • c. Inside the container there are anchorage spots to secure cargo. Remember the tools for this anchorage are not included inside the container.
            • d. If you are considering loading the car inside the container, remember to have a platform or other system to bring the vehicle to the containers height and also have the ratchet lashings to secure the car and cargo to the container.
          • 2. We advise clients to utilize our warehouse service whenever the client has logistical issues including limited space, lack of proper tools, inability to acquire permits, etc. When using the warehouse, our client must bring their goods and/or vehicle to the address we will indicate during the process. The warehouse personnel will do the filling and securing of goods inside the container.

          Can a FCL be contracted to be shared with other people?

          Full Containers are generally only hired by one family unit. iContainers does not recommend sharing a container with other families because each individual will have to pay the origin and destination increasing the overall cost of the container. Sharing a container also greatly increases the likelihood of problems upon arrival at the port of destination.

          How far in advance must the shipment be organized?

          Departure shipping dates must be chosen approximately 10 days prior to the client’s departure date out of the country. We strongly recommend not leaving the country before your cargo has cleared export customs in case any additional requirements are needed.

          Ideally, the reservation should be made through our website 15 to 20 days prior to the shipping date, although under urgent circumstances it is possible to expedite this process. The goods should be at the port in an FCL or LCL at least 1 week prior to the ships departure date.

          Payment methods

          Payments must be made by transfer or deposit into the iContainers account 72 hours prior to pick up time for LCLs and 1 week prior to the pickup date for FCLs.

          Credit / Debit card payments may be made through our website on all shipments less than $800. As a rule, banks block Internet payments above this.