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          Ocean Freight Transportation to Panama

          The ocean freight transportation to Panama is, among the many options in Central America, the most natural choice with difference. Over the last decades, its economy has grown up constantly, which made Panama the country with the highest GDP per capita in the region; the extension of the Panama Canal, the large foreign and domestic investment and its strong logistics industry make the ocean freight transportation to Panama be a safe investment, as rated by the main risk rating firms.

          Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than a Container Load (LCL)-Groupage

          The first you need to know before finalizing the procedures for your ocean freight transportation to Panama is to choose between a Full Container Load (FCL) or a Less than a Container Load (LCL) - Groupage.

          FCL is perfect for those who want to make sure their cargo is not contaminated or exposed to the products belonging to other traders. Besides, if you intend to send a volume of 10 or 21 standard American pallets, a 20 or 40-foot container will be the most profitable choice, a 20 and 40-foot container holds 10 and 21 standard American pallets, respectively; notice that each pallet measures 39.37 in. wide and 47.24 in. long. Consider that FCL shipping is a cost-effective solution when you are able to fill up more than half of a container.

          However, if you don’t need your products isolated for your ocean freight transportation to Panama, or you can’t fill up a container, the “groupage” will let you save on shipping costs, as you share the container with other traders.

          Check our rates in iContainers.com to know more about shipping a container to Panama.

          Maritime routes to Panama

          Panamá has five seaport areas: Panama City, Manzanillo, Balboa, Colón, and Cristóbal. These seaports handle the 16000 and the 17000 million dollars in exports and imports, respectively, which is the annual value of the foreign trade of Panama.

          • Panama City
            Panama City is the capital of the country and has one and a half million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. It boasts full land and air transportation infrastructures, as well as its own Municipal Dock. Check more details by visiting the AMP website (Panama Maritime Authority)
          • Port of Manzanillo
            Also known as Manzanillo International Terminal, this commercial seaport services shipping lines moving through the Panama Canal, the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean, providing a transfer service and Logistics Park 247. It has a sophisticated Information System, as well as complete logistics equipment, highlighting its 15 post-Panamax portal cranes and other cranes, top picks, tractors, trailers and other equipment.
          • Port of Balboa
            The Port of Baloba is located in the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal and has an annual cargo traffic of around 2.76 million TEUs, covering 182 hectares for storage and with five berths. It is considered the main container terminal in this area of the Pacific Ocean and can handle liquid or solid bulk, as well as special and refrigerated cargo.
          • Port of Colón
            Colon Container Terminal -as this seaport is known- covers 74 hectares, with all the necessary equipment for container transfer, load and unload on its three piers on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal. Thanks to its location, it has a land access to the Colón Free Zone and rail, which makes it an excellent distribution center.

          Air freight transportation to Panama

          In some cases, our clients (if you are exporting), or buyers (if you are importing) need to comply with very demanding terms. If delivery date is one of those demanding terms, we suggest quoting an air freight shipment << be sure that your cargo meets the limitations concerning volume and weight on air shipments >>by using the calculator provided by iContainers.