Ocean freight shipping to Ecuador

Growth and strong economy has been reflected in Ecuador, since the year 2000. When a dollarization process started and has placed them as the eighth best economy in South America. Despite this, its economy is still dependent on the export of raw materials, mainly petroleum and bananas. This boom in the exports has taken place along with a rise in ocean freight to Ecuador.

The significant role of the exports and its geographical location, very close to the Panama Canal, made the Government of Ecuador impulse the upgrade and update of the port infrastructures. This let the freight forwarding service develop in a more competitive way, gaining both in quality and in productivity.

FCL or LCL for your ocean freight to Ecuador

The first question you should ask yourself when planning an ocean transportation to Ecuador is whether doing it in a Full Container Load (FCL) or in a Less Container Load (LCL), also known as “groupage”.

Shipping a container to Ecuador does not mean that you have to fill it completely, using the maximum capacity is ideally which will be described below. Your goods will not be share with any other exporter, which means you will avoid any contamination problems of any type as this only your load. Anyhow, it is usually less expensive, but if you are sending 6 standard pallets in a 20-ft container, or 12 standard pallets (or more) in a 40-ft container, the most profitable solution for shipping freight to Ecuador is the Full Container Load (FCL).

Ocean freight ports in Ecuador

Due to the importance of the exports for Ecuador’s economy, seaports play a very important role in the economy, as exports use its ports, both seaports and fluvial ones, for its development. The main seaports in Ecuador are:

Port of Guayaquil

Guayaquil Port is the most important export seaport in Ecuador. Through it, more than 70% of its foreign trade takes place. It was built from 1959 to 1963.

The location of the Port of Guayaquil is ideal for the container traffic between Asia and the American continent, especially for those that have the Pacific Coast as destination. Besides, its closeness to the Panama Canal makes it very attractive as a logistics hub of the ocean transportation between South America and the East coast of the continent, as well towards Europe and Asia.

The Port of Guayaquil has modern infrastructure, ideal for the development of the international trade. In addition, it has a wide range of specialized services, making it the ideal destination for ocean freight to Ecuador.

Ship container to Guayaquil

Port Bolivar

Port Bolívar the second most important seaport in Ecuador and the top one concerning banana exports. About 80% of the banana production of Ecuador is exported from this port, whose main destination is Europe.

Due to this fact, one of the most important areas of Port Bolívar are its storing facilities. More than 27000 mm2 of warehouses and yards, highlighting the six warehouses for palletizing bananas, with an overall surface of more than 14000m2.

Besides, it has two docks (Muelle de Espigón and Muelle Marginal Longitudinal), with an overall length of almost 500 meters. Another dock serves tourism services, with a length of 60 meters.

Port of Manta

The Port of Manta is the first tourism and fishing seaport in Ecuador. Its closeness to one of the most important airports in Ecuador make this area a first class logistics hub.

Its geostrategic location only at 600 miles from the Panama Canal makes it a linking point for the foreign trade of Ecuador with the rest of the world. It is equidistant of the markets does this means or reference to how close to these countries? of Colombia, Panama or Mexico in the Western Coast of the Pacific Ocean; New York or Miami in the East Coast of the Atlantic Ocean and Peru and Ecuador in South America. Besides, it is the closest seaport to Asia in the West Coast of South America.

It is a multipurpose seaport/terminal with modern facilities, which facilitate the access of all kind of boats. This ensures easy maneuvers for the ships; loading, unloading and provisioning operations, as well as having the appropriate conditions of security and mobility for the arrival of tourism cruises and tourists.

It has two pier-class, 200-meter long docks, able to receive 4 ships at the same time, so 800 linear meters can be used for container ships, fishing ships and cruises. It also has another 620 linear meters for fishing and cabotage activities.

Our ocean freight services to Ecuador

We offer affordable and efficient ocean freight services to Ecuador from a wide range of ports all over the world. These include ports located in:

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What our ocean freight rates to Ecuador include

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