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Why iContainers is Your Strategic Ally in Global Moving Operations

Learn about our offering for Moving Companies and create a smooth and hassle-free moving experience for your customers.

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iContainers is an online logistics platform optimized to help your business easily access the global trade environment. We digitalize international freight forwarding services to simplify global logistics & facilitate trade.

Seamless International Moving Experience for Your Customers: Delivered

In the dynamic world of international moving, partnering with a reliable digital freight forwarder like iContainers makes a real difference to the user experience of your customers. Stay ahead with our services to streamline your business operations and elevate your customers’ experiences.

The iContainers Advantage

Your Strategic Edge in the Industry

Industry Affiliations to Trust

Navigate the complexities of the international moving sector with ease and confidence. Through strategic alliances with established commercial moving companies like IAM (US office), FEDEM, and WCA, stay updated with the latest industry trends and innovations.

Dedicated Key Account Manager

Experience the ease of having a dedicated account manager guiding you through every intricacy of the global commercial moving process.

Experts in International Moving

Harness comprehensive knowledge and insights into the global moving landscape to fulfill your client's shipping needs flawlessly.

Diverse Range of Services

Expand your business horizons with a range of freight forwarding services, meeting your clients' diverse and specific requirements effectively. From full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) ocean shipping to air freight and intermodal transportation, get the solution that aligns with your requirements.

Door-to-Door Moving Solutions

Offer your clients comprehensive door-to-door commercial moving services that guarantee safe and reliable transfers, enhancing your service portfolio.

Competitive Rates at Your Fingertips

iContainers has strong relationships with logistics providers, shipping lines, and airlines. Access a vast network of global carriers offering competitive rates and steadfast services, positioning your business for sustained success.

Cutting-edge Technology and Transparency

Embrace a simplified management approach and transparent communication through an intuitive digital platform that fosters trust and strengthens client relationships. Our digital platform allows you to manage your entire shipment from your mobile device, from accessing shipping documentation to getting real-time cargo tracking.


Get Digitalized Freight Forwarding to Facilitate and Ease the International Moving of Your Customers

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Operational Excellence with iContainers

Boost operational efficiency with tools that offer quick online rate assessments, live shipment tracking, and insightful analytics. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and administrative tasks, often required by commercial movers, ushering in a new era of client satisfaction and business growth.

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Tailored Global Services: Your Clients Deserve the Best

Leverage strong relationships with global shipping lines and logistics providers to craft services that align perfectly with your business goals, delivering unmatched value to your clients.

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Transforming Client Experiences

Raise the bar for client service delivery with timely updates and open channels of communication, guaranteeing smooth international moving experiences.

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Smart Cost Management

Harness the power of data with iContainers, optimizing operations and curtailing unnecessary expenditures, paving the way for a thriving business.

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Extend Your Global Reach with iContainers

Take advantage of iContainers' expansive network to provide consistent and superior services across different regions, establishing a strong presence in the international moving sector.

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Contact Us & Secure Your Quote Today

Step into the future with iContainers. Explore our vast array of solutions, request a demo, or reach out for more information to elevate your international moving business to unprecedented heights.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

iContainers uses comprehensive analytics tools to give you unprecedented and valuable insights about your logistics strategies. In turn, we can facilitate data-driven decision-making for international movers, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

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Movings Companies FAQs

Here, you can find answers to some common questions about moving companies' freight forwarding, as well as potential inquiries about iContainers' moving companies services

What is iContainers, and how does it benefit international moving companies?

iContainers is a digital freight forwarder that streamlines international moving processes, offering a seamless and modernized experience to both moving companies and their clients. With a range of services and a global network, it can significantly enhance efficiency and client satisfaction in international moving businesses.

Is iContainers suitable for both small and large international moving companies?

Absolutely, iContainers offers scalable solutions that can cater to both small and large international moving companies, ensuring streamlined operations, cost-effectiveness, and improved customer satisfaction for businesses of all sizes.

Does iContainers provide door-to-door moving services?

Yes, iContainers offers comprehensive door-to-door moving services, facilitating a hassle-free moving experience by handling every detail from start to finish, thus assuring peace of mind and satisfaction for your clients.

What geographical regions does iContainers cover for international moves?

iContainers boasts a vast global network, covering a comprehensive range of regions for international moves. Whether you're looking to move goods across continents, countries, or cities, iContainers has established partnerships with carriers and logistics providers in numerous regions, ensuring you have access to reliable and efficient moving solutions regardless of the destination.

Is iContainers suitable for international moving of both personal belongings and commercial merchandise?

Yes, iContainers adeptly handles international moving for both personal belongings and commercial merchandise, offering tailored solutions to meet the distinct requirements of each type of shipment, ensuring a smooth and streamlined moving process regardless of the contents being moved.

How does iContainers container tracking system work, and why is it essential for our operations?

iContainers' Track & Trace is a user-friendly system that lets you see all your shipments in one place, no matter the carrier or route. It's designed to save you time and help you make smart decisions quickly. You don't need to enter reference numbers; just log in to view updates on all your shipments, making it a breeze to stay on top of delays and manage costs effectively. It's a hassle-free way to keep an eye on everything, helping your business run smoother and smarter.

Explain the technology behind the iContainers tracking system and its significance in ensuring cargo visibility.

The iContainers tracking system, Track & Trace, is a centralized platform that grants you real-time visibility on all your shipments, irrespective of the carrier or route. This innovative system eliminates the need for reference numbers, allowing seamless tracking and efficient management, which is vital in making informed decisions and ensuring cargo safety and timely delivery.

What security measures are in place to protect cargo during transit when using iContainers?

iContainers employs stringent security measures to safeguard your cargo during transit. This includes leveraging a secure digital platform for document management, maintaining strict protocols with global carriers, and ensuring compliance with international shipping regulations and standards. These measures work collaboratively to provide a secure and reliable environment for every shipment.

How does iContainers facilitate ocean and air freight for international moving companies?

iContainers facilitates ocean and air freight for international moving companies by offering a range of services that cater to different shipping needs. Leveraging extensive relationships with global carriers, airlines, and logistics providers, iContainers ensures seamless, cost-effective, and timely freight solutions, making the process of international moving smoother and more efficient for companies of all sizes.

How does iContainers help in reducing transit times for international moves?

iContainers leverages its expansive network and technology-driven tools to optimize route planning, swiftly addressing any delays at various ports and coordinating efficiently with carriers. This approach ensures that transit times are reduced, making international moves faster and more reliable.

Can iContainers assist in optimizing our route planning for international moves?

Yes, iContainers can effectively assist in optimizing route planning for international moves, leveraging a vast network and cutting-edge technology to find the most efficient and cost-effective routes, thus saving time and resources for your business.

Can iContainers help us cut down on paperwork and administrative tasks associated with international moving?

Absolutely, iContainers significantly reduces the paperwork and administrative tasks commonly associated with international moving by utilizing a digitalized platform. This allows for streamlined document management and online booking, which simplifies the process, saving time and resources for international moving companies.

What types of cargo can be accommodated using iContainers as a solution?

iContainers is equipped to handle a variety of cargo types for international moving, including personal belongings, household goods, and commercial merchandise. Their comprehensive service offerings ensure that whether it is Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL), your specific moving needs can be aptly accommodated, providing a tailored solution for each client.

How does iContainers enhance communication with customers and improve overall customer satisfaction?

iContainers employs a modern digital platform to foster clear and timely communication with customers, providing real-time shipment tracking and regular updates. This proactive approach not only keeps customers informed but greatly contributes to elevating overall satisfaction throughout the moving journey.

Is iContainers compliant with international shipping regulations and standards?

Absolutely, iContainers adheres to all prevailing international shipping regulations and standards, ensuring a compliant and secure moving process for your clientele globally.

Does iContainers have a global network to support international moving companies in various regions?

Yes, iContainers boasts an extensive global network, collaborating with reliable partners worldwide, such as IAM (US office), FEDEM, and WCA, to support international moving companies in various regions, making global moves seamless and efficient.

How can our international moving company get started with iContainers or request more information?

Getting started with iContainers is straightforward. Simply visit the iContainers website to explore the various services offered. For more detailed information or to request a demo, you can contact the iContainers team directly through this link or click on 'Get a Quote' to initiate your journey towards streamlined and efficient international moving solutions.

iContainers is a digital freight forwarder based in Barcelona that assists thousands of companies and families around the globe in moving their merchandise internationally.

Our online freight quoting platform has the latest technology in the sector and simplifies ocean freight, quoting and managing your bookings from the same user area.

We are part of the Agility group, and we work side by side with Shipa Freight to fully cover the demands of our customers.

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