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International moving to United Kingdom

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Preparing your international removal to United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is an island country located in the northwest of Europe. The United Kingdom is a combination of Great Britain, which consists of England, Wales, and Scotland along with Northern Ireland. Its capital, London, is often regarded as a global epicenter of culture, trade, and commerce. Other major cities of the United Kingdom include Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, and Cardiff. Moving overseas is an uphill task for most people - for someone moving from the USA to the United Kingdom, there are some things that need extra attention and effort. Apart from the cultural differences, there are logistical conditions to be fulfilled as well.


DOCUMENTATION for you moving to United Kingdom


PACKAGING of your belongings


TRACKING your shipment online


RECEPTION of all your goods


Cost of moving to United Kingdom from USA


The cost of moving to the United Kingdom from the USA depends on what belongings move with you and how you choose to ship them. Whether you’re moving to Liverpool, Edinburgh or Aberdeen, the cost usually comes down to the belongings that come with you. The price of moving your belongs will determine the final cost, whether you’re moving furniture, household goods, clothing, etc. There are two main ways of shipping them: LCL and FCL.

LCL or Less than Container Load is a shipping term when different shipments share the same container. Apart from sharing the same container, the shipping costs are divided as well. When should you choose LCL? LCL shipping is done when you don’t have enough belongings to fill an entire container. LCL shipping allows you to move your belongings in a more cost-effective manner. It is worth noting that LCL is ideal for those who want to ship small boxes that mostly contain clothes and other belongings as it is a shared space, you may not want to include fragile items as there is a good chance of them being hit.

FCL or Full Container Load is a shipping option wherein a container is used exclusively for a single shipment. In FCL, the container is not shared with other shipments and only one person has to bear the cost for it. While moving your belongings to the United Kingdom, you may want to opt for FCL is you are planning to move household items like your furniture and other fragile items.


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International moving costs are highly reliant on the number of belongings you’re moving and based on your living situation in the United Kingdom.


If you’re moving with a minimal amount of belongings that fit in a box or a pallet, you only need an LCL solution, thus your costs are relatively less.


Apartments (< 70m²)

If you’re moving into an apartment in the United Kingdom and are carrying appliances and similar items, you’ll probably need a 20ft container for your shipping.

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House (> 70m²)

For those of you who are moving into a bigger house or a big apartment, you may need a 40ft container in order to ship your belongings such as the furniture, your car, bicycles, appliances, etc.


Tips to reduce the cost of moving to United Kingdom


One of the most important aspects of moving is the paperwork. In order to move from the USA to the UK and to ship your belongings, you need to have the right moving paperwork. One such document is the packing list. The packing list typically includes a summary of the items you’re shipping and where it’s to be shipped. It’s crucial to fill a packing list correctly and have other documentation in order to avoid clearance issues. You should always fill out the details with the utmost care and in detail to avoid any hassles

Packing your furniture for an international moving

One of the most common queries that most people have is how should they pack their belongings and household goods for an international move. After deciding on LCL or FCL shipping, you also have to pack your furniture appropriately. If the furniture can be dismantled, you should do so and then pack it. Ocean shipping is prone to movements and you do not want to risk it. Even though it may be tempting to take all your belongings, it’s best if you leave some low-value ones behind and use extra safety measures while to pack furniture.

What items can not be sent in a moving container?

If you are moving to United Kingdom, you need to be aware of prohibited items. Every country has its own rules and regulations with regard to relocation rules and restrictions. In the United Kingdom, you aren’t allowed to bring:

  • illegal drugs

  • offensive weapons, for example, flick knives

  • self-defense sprays, for example, pepper spray and CS gas

  • endangered animal and plant species

  • rough diamonds

  • indecent and obscene materials

  • personal imports of meat and dairy products from most non-EU countries


Every country has its own rules and regulations, especially when it comes to taxation. For the United Kingdom, there are separate rules for EU and Non-EU residents. For US citizens, there is a tax treaty between the UK and the USA with regards to double taxation. It’s best to consult with your moving advisor to get the final information based on your personal situation.

Where to ship when moving to United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a population of 66 million people and $2.855 trillion in GDP, making it the third-largest economy in Europe. The UK boasts of a varied geographical landscape. The temperate climate along with mostly flat plains or low mountains makes it easy to traverse the country. If you want to ship your cargo to the UK, there are two major ports;

Port of Immingham: or Immingham Docks is one of the major ports of the United Kingdom. Shipping your cargo to Immingham, which falls on the south bank of Humber Estuary would mean that it would be among the 55.6 million tonnes of cargo that makes to the port every year.

Need more help on your moving to United Kingdom ?

Also, if you need further information about how to manage your international removal, you can also check our help center. You will find resources about the processes. We really hope you enjoy your future home.

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