London is one of the biggest capitals in the world. Located in the south of United Kingdom, this city has a population of 9 million. The Thames, the river, cross city, a cosmopilitan location due to its historical music culture and pop art. More than 300 languages are spoken in this city, and is a top destinitation for tourism. Even if moving overseas to London is difficult, we can help you handle this process.

Preparing your international removal to London

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Cost of moving to London from USA

Cost of moving to London from the United States always depends on what belongings you want to move with. The rates or price of moving your belongs will determine the final cost, whether you’re moving goods, furniture, clothing, etc. The two main options are LCL and FCL, each one with its own perfect use situation.

LCL or Less than Container Load is a shipping method used when different shipments are hold in the same container space. Shipping costs in this option are divided as well between the shippers. LCL shipping is recommenden when you don’t have enough belongings to fill an full container. It is worth noting that LCL is ideal for those who want to ship small boxes that mostly contain clothes and other belongings as it is a shared space, you may not want to include fragile items.

FCL or Full Container Load is a shipping option where a container is used exclusively and only for your own shipment. In FCL, the container is not shared with other shipments. While moving your belongings to London, you may want to opt for FCL is you are planning to move household items like your furniture and other fragile items.

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International moving costs can change depending on the way you choose to send your belongings and the number of them.

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For those of you who are just moving abroad some boxes and personal belongings such as clothes to London, you can opt for an LCL solution.

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If you’re planning on moving into an apartment in London and moving with just some appliances or furniture you can use a 20ft container for your shipping.

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If you’re moving to a big apartment or a house and plan to ship a large number of your personal belongings you’ll need a much bigger 40ft container to accommodate household items like your furniture, your car, appliances and more.

Tips to reduce the cost of moving to London


When someone is moving overseas, documentation is an important factor in having a smooth and hassle-free transition. However, before you move to London and ship your household goods or furniture, you need to ensure that there is proper moving paperwork for the shipment as well. In the logistic industry, it is known as the “shipping packing list’. This packing list, this document, contains crucial information about the shipment for the customs authorities of London. It typically includes item details and shipping destination among other important things.

Packing your furniture for an international moving

Your furniture is among the most fragile and crucial goods that you want to bring with you during the relocation to London. Shipping furniture is reliant on how well you pack it for international ocean shipment. If you’re among those unsure how to pack their belongings and household goods for an international move. Fragile items should be thoroughly wrapped and kept always as secure as possible. To avoid any damage, it’s best to leave low-value items back home and focus only on important items like your home furniture.

What items can not be sent in a moving container?

If you are moving to London, you need to be aware of prohibited items. Every country has its own rules and regulations with regard to relocation rules and restrictions. In the United Kingdom, you aren’t allowed to bring:

  • illegal drugs
  • offensive weapons, for example, flick knives
  • self-defense sprays, for example, pepper spray and CS gas
  • endangered animal and plant species
  • rough diamonds
  • indecent and obscene materials
  • personal imports of meat and dairy products from most non-EU countries


Like many other destinations, London too has a tax treaty with the United States. The main aim of this treaty is to remove the possibility of double taxation. To gain a clear perspective regarding your tax situation, it is a good idea to get in touch with your moving advisor or check the web of UK goverment.

Where to ship when moving to London

London holds the 1/4 of UK GDP. Is also othe largest metropolitan area con UK and Europe, and it use the pound, its own currency. When chosing where in the UK send your household, the choice is easy.

  • Port of London: is the largest city port in UK, situated at the Thames River. This port has halp to reduce the road congestion of the country, and also increased the number of exports from the city.

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