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Ship container to Peru

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iContainers is an online logistics platform optimized to help your business easily access the global trade environment. We digitalize international freight forwarding services to simplify global logistics & facilitate trade.

How much does it cost to ship a container to Peru

Sea freight to and from Peru begins at around $800 for the smallest shipping container. This quote includes ports from the United States and Spain. Shipping can cost well over $4,000 for larger containers and longer distances, taking up to four weeks’ time. Peru shares much of the same top imports and exports as Chile, with their top export destinations being the US, China, Switzerland, South Korea, and Spain. Peru has the 52nd largest trade economy, although they’ve seen a steady annual decrease of 1.2% over the past five years.


Shipping rates from/to Peru


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"iContainer´s platform is very user-friendly and provides us with the ease of mind with their automated pre-alerts. We highly recommend their services and diligent follow-up on rates and shipment status"


Irene Chang

Sales Executive at Transworld GLS

iContainers, as a provider, stands out for its level of service and quick responses. They verified the reservation as soon as the operation was opened.


Patrick G. Waddle

General Manager at Advance Global Logistics

The ability of iContainers' platform to provide a quick quote exceeded my expectations. It looked very simple, but at the same time it was exactly what we were searching for.


Yuriy Pukhkalo

Business Development Manager at Prime League Inc.





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Main ports in Peru

If you’re facing issues with the port in Peru to ship your container to, you’ve come to the right place. With iContainers you can decide on the best port for you among the 3 ports in Peru we operate in from the US as well as 2 ports in Peru for ocean freight transport from Spain.



FAQs about shipping your container to Peru

What is the estimated transit time for shipping a container to Peru?

How long shipping your container to Peru will take will depend on where you’re shipping from and to. For instance, the estimated transit time can be as much as 37 days – Cleveland, Ohio to Callao – or as little as 13 days – Pt Everglades to Callao. If you’re shipping from Spain, you should expect a 37-day transit time on average from Valencia to Callao or a 36-day transit time from Bilbao to Callao.

How do you figure out shipping cost to Peru?

Figuring out how much shipping your goods is going to cost is no easy affair. There are a large number of varying factors to take into account, although there are a few you’re sure to encounter while coming up with your quote: your cargo’s size, the type of container you need, the applicable Incoterm or the route chosen for your shipping. You should also know there are further costs incurred if, say, you’re looking to ship hazardous materials.

FOB vs CIF: What´s the difference?

Although very different in essence, FOB and CIF are two frequently used Incoterms that often result in misunderstandings. However, discrepancies between the two are significant and shouldn’t be overlooked. While under CIF sellers are responsible and liable for the freight until it has arrived at the destination port, with FOB this is only during the shipment process leading up to the loading of the freight on the vessel. At this point, responsibility for the cargo lies with the buyer.

What type of cargo can be sent in a container?

The most frequently used containers are dry shipping containers due to their variety in sizes and capacities. These standardized containers are suitable for transportation of dry bulk, i.e., dry commodities or other non-perishable goods. This is because although they are hermetically sealed and come in a range of sizes and capacities, they don’t meet specific requirements such as ventilation or refrigeration – conditions often needed for sensitive goods.

What container capacity do I need for my cargo?

There are a range of sizes and capacities to choose from among dry shipping containers. To give you an idea of available options, the smallest one (20ft) has a volume capacity of 1,172 CFT / 33.2 CBM, whereas the largest (45ft) can offer up to 3,122 CFT / 88.4 CBM. But if you’re handling small freight, you may want to go with a Shared Container (LCL) and cut your costs by only paying for the space your cargo takes up.

What paperwork is needed for international shipments to Peru?

Shipping documents tend to come in two types: those that are mandatory regardless of the countries or the type of freight involved in the shipping, and those that are country-specific or required according to the nature of the cargo. The first type includes paperwork such as a Bill of Lading, a commercial invoice or a packing list, among others; the second kind can be complimentary forms for sensitive freight, customs authorization etc.

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