Ocean freight transportation to the Dominican Republic

Ocean freight transportation to the Dominican Republic will give you access to the ninth largest Latin American economy. Despite its small size, the citizens of this developing country enjoy a medium-high income level, according to data from the World Bank.

The services sector has acquired great importance, due to the booming of tourism and industry. Mining and agricultural products generate annualy more than 5,000 million USD in exports. Moreover, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Venezuela and its neighboor Panama, receive the majority of their imports, which are valued at almost 4,000 million.

Ocean freight to the Dominican Republic is therefore a very interesting alternative for your foreign trade operations.

Full Container Loading (FCL) and Groupage (LCL)

Before booking your shipment service to the Dominican Republic, you must choose between a full container (FCL) or a shared container (LCL).

If you want to ship goods with an equivalent volume of 10 and 21 standard pallets or its multiples (the size of each standard American pallet is 39.37 inches wide and 47.24 inches long), booking a full container will be the most profitable option. There are available containers of 20 feet and 40 feet, with enough space for 10 and 21 standard pallets respectively.

However, if your goods aren’t big enough and you don’t want to share your container with anybody’s shipment, you may still transport your goods through the FCL option.

Moreover, if your cargo is relatively small (less than 6 standard pallets) your best alternative is sharing a container. The LCL mode is less expensive, as you will share the container with one or more traders.

Check our prices in the iContainers web to find the option that best suits your needs for shipping a container to the Dominican Republic.

Ocean freight routes to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has 3 fully functional ports with a considerable volume of foreign trade traffic transiting through the country: Caucedo and Rio Haina Santo Domingo. You can access the website of the APORDOM (Dominican Port Authority) for more information.

  • Port of Caucedo
    DP World Caucedo is a free zone for commercial shipping terminal located just 25 kilometers from the capital of the country, Santo Domingo. Its proximity to the main land and having a well developed air transport structure, combined with the technological network of the partnership DP World (Dubai Ports International) make this port one of the most attractive center for operations in the region. With more than 900 meters of dock and 50 hectares for container storage and a capacity of 40.000 TEUs, the DP World Caucedo serves the largest shipping companies in the world.
  • Rio Haina
    The Port of Rio Haina is located 12 km from downtown Santo Domingo Hague and has two main areas. On the one hand, there is the east area, with 700 meters of pier for the main tasks of loading and unloading, for bulk or standard containers. On the other hand, we find the western area with the refinery, multichemistry, and commercial terminals and also the Sargent Marine Oil Terminal. This area has 3 docks, which mainly handle chemical products and vehicles. Indeed, the storage capacity of up to 2,000 vehicles demonstrates the power of the facilities.

Air freight transportation to the Dominican Republic

If your shipping is urgent or you have a very tight schedule, we suggest you quote an air freight shipment << take into consideration the limitations on air freight shipments with respect to volume and weight>>by using the calculator provided by iContainers.