We are the cutting-edge platform which is transforming a vital but dated industry. We are like Expedia or Booking; but instead of moving people, we move goods; and we are growing rapidly.

Our customers use iContainers' technological platform to create a better world which does not care about geographical barriers and which imports and exports goods ranging from medical equipment for hospitals or materials to build schools, to electronics and goods for the fashion industry.

We are looking for outstanding individuals who want to join us on a mission which is both exciting and crucial: to reshape the industry which moves the world with technology.

Would you like to be part of this mission?

We test. We change. We move forward

We test. We change. We move forward.

Our team is united by the technological method: we like innovation and change, and we test everything. But don't worry, we like people and their well-being even more.

Always under construction

Always under construction

We want you to keep learning every day and to do so, you will have a multidisciplinary team comprised of engineers and experts in logistics, sales and digital marketing. We would also like to learn about you.

There is life beyond the web

There is life beyond the web

We are techies, but not robots. And it’s not all just work: our team winds down by having after-work events, football matches and getaways here and there.

Agents Developer

Business Development Department

Rotterdam area, Netherlands

Outside Sales

Sales Department

Rotterdam area, Netherlands

Marketing Manager

Marketing Department

Barcelona area, Spain