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iContainers is an online freight forwarder that can help you access the global trade environment. We are a digital international ocean freight forwarding service to make global logistics and trade an easier endeavor.


iContainers ocean reight services

Book ocean freight shipping services easily with iContainers. Our platform offers you instant quotes, full price transparency and round-the-clock sea freight tracking. By using iContainers, you can:

Search, compare, and book online

Search from over 250,000 sea freight shipping quotes in a matter of seconds and get a detailed breakdown of the final price.

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Manage your booking easily

Reduce the lengthy time needed for paperwork by handling all your sea freight shipments online from any device.


Track your sea freight 24/7

Keep track of all your bookings, independent of carrier, on one single view and get notified immediately of any changes in shipment status.


At iContainers, our efficiency is measured by the seconds. Why wait hours, days, or even weeks for an ocean freight quote when you can get one in seconds with iContainers’ ocean freight calculator?

Be it the cheapest or shortest route, get an overview of the available options on one single page, sort accordingly, and select the one that best suits your needs. Save your search criteria to facilitate future searches and get quotes in just one click.


iContainers' container transport services

We offer ocean freight shipping services that cover the entire container freight transportation process including:


Pickup and Delivery


Land Transportation

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Ocean Freight Transportation

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Customs Clearance


Assistance with Documentation


How much is freight shipping?

The overall cost of sending a sea freight shipment depends on the type of freight shipping services you require. It also varies according to the following factors:

  • Container size
  • Transit time
  • Cargo type
  • Cargo weight
  • Cargo dimension
  • Incoterm

Ocean Freight Container Specifications

There are varying ocean freight container specifications for the different containers available. Depending on your cargo type, volume, and shape, certain sea freight container sizes may be more appropriate than others.

From the standard 20-ft, 40-ft, and 40-ft high cube shipping containers to open tops and flat racks, there are many ocean freight container dimensions that you can choose from that will suit your ocean freight shipment.

Book your FCL or LCL ocean freight shipment

Regardless of whether you book an FCL (Full Container Load) shipments to have an entire container to yourself or LCL (Less than Container Load or groupage) for low-volume shipments, we’ve got your back.

Book with iContainers and you’re guaranteed visibility over your shipment and flexibility with our ocean freight services.

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FCL ocean freight shipping

This shipping time calculator supplies estimated times for international shipping along selected trade lanes.

  • Shipper controls cargo packaging and container loading
  • Easy scheduling of cargo pick up/delivery
  • More cargo security
  • Standardized local port charges
  • There is no risk to potential delays or damages caused by other expeditors when sharing a container
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LCL ocean freight shipping

This shipping time calculator supplies estimated times for international shipping along selected trade lanes.

  • More flexibility for warehouse management
  • Lower volatility in ocean freight shipping rates
  • Rates adjusted to the cargo volume and weight
  • Lower inland trucking costs
  • More agility during customs clearance


Shipping container options across the globe

At iContainers, we offer thousands of shipping container rates for your shipment needs. Whether you’re shipping to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, or Oceania, we have got you covered. Here are some of the countries for which we offer very competitive shipping container rates.

What is Ocean Freight?

Ocean freight shipping is the container freight transportation of cargo by shipping lines.

In ocean freight shipping, goods are packed in shipping containers, the freight forwarder books the space or container with the ship agent, cargo is trucked to the shipping vessel at the port of origin and shipped overseas to the importer at the port of destination. The itinerary may be done from port-to-port, door-to-port, port-to-door or door-to-door, and can include truck pick up and or delivery

ocean freight vs air freight

Advantages of sea freight over air freight


Lower cost per volume

Sea freight permits the shipment of higher volumes at a much lower rate as compared to air freight.


Fewer restrictions

Air freight shipments face more restrictions than sea freight shipments, especially on hazardous materials.


Lower emission

Air freight transportation emits more than 10 times the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by sea freight.


iContainers’ Door-To-Door Services

From one store's door to another. Sit back and relax with our Door-to-Door ocean freight shipping services within these countries.

To better cater to your needs, iContainers has offices in the USA, Spain, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. Our presence in these countries helps to establish good local connections for your sea freight and more importantly, allows us to offer you door-to-door ocean freight shipping services.

We provide door-to-door international freight shipping services to and from any country in which we’re physically present. Door-to-door shipments begin and end at the postal codes indicated by the shipper. By freight shipping door-to-door, you skip the intermediaries and experience a more streamlined ocean freight solution. Together with the above-mentioned countries, here are the areas where we provide door-to-door services:

Need help with the ocean freight shipping?

Take a look at our most popular articles on ocean freight shipping and get detailed answers to questions like how many pallets fit in a container and what is freight shipping.

iContainers is a digital freight forwarder based in Barcelona that assists thousands of companies and families around the globe in moving their merchandise internationally.

Our online freight quoting platform has the latest technology in the sector and simplifies ocean freight, quoting and managing your bookings from the same user area.

We are part of the Agility group, and we work side by side with Shipa Freight to fully cover the demands of our customers.

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