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Ocean Freight to Mexico

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Ocean freight shipping to Mexico

Ocean freight to Mexico is in excellent form, thanks to the continual growth of the country’s free-market economy, which is strongly inclined toward exports. In the two decades since the country began to sign FTAs (Free-Trade Agreements) with various other countries, its foreign trade has experienced exponential growth that has seen it emerge as the third economy of the Americas, surpassed only by the US and Brazil. In fact, as of 2015, it has overtaken Spain in the ranking of the world’s largest economies. Opting for ocean freight to Mexico means gaining access to a market with a GDP of over a billion dollars, in a country that has managed to reduce inflation and interest rates to historic lows.

FCL or LCL for your ocean freight to Mexico

If you are considering ocean freight to Mexico, the first question you must answer regards the use of either a full container (FCL) or a shared container (LCL).

If your volume of goods does not allow you to fill a container fully or partially, you may be interested in opting for a shared container. Groupage - as this is called - allows you to load your goods in one container along with those of other exporters. In this way, you will be able to reduce your costs substantially.

Regardless, if you wish to avoid bringing your goods into contact with other products, or if your volume allows you to ship a container to Mexico completely loaded, then we recommend a full container. In that case, we are talking about 10 standard pallets in a 20-foot container, or 21 standard pallets in a 40-foot container. Keep in mind that the dimensions of a standard pallet are 1.2 meters by 1 meter.

Ocean freight ports in Mexico

Mexico features 10 commercial ports through which more than $380 million dollars in exports pass annually. Their nature and geographical location make the country one of the giants of foreign trade on the continent, through the ports of Veracruz, Altamira, Mexico City, Lazaro Cardenas, Progreso, Ensenada, Manzanillo, Puerto Morelos, Guaymas and Mazatlan.

Port of Veracruz

The port of Veracruz - also known as the Great Port of Mexico - is one of the country’s most attractive tourist destinations, as well as its most important commercial port, with an annual flow of goods that approaches 20 million tons.

The port provides service to 11 shipping lines that transport numerous commodities, covering the world’s principal commercial routes every week. As well, it boasts 12 piers (1,2,4 Banda Norte, 4 Banda Sur, 5,6,7, Muelle de la T.U.M., Muelle de cementos, 8, Muelle de contenedores y Muelle de la T) whose depths vary from 27 to 42 feet.
Thanks to its connections with Ferrosur-Ferromex and its highway routes, the port of Veracruz is conveniently connected with the country’s principal cities - from the nearby Puebla to Monterrey, more than 1,000 miles away - as well as with the United States.

Ship container to Veracruz


The port of Altamira sees annual traffic of 16 million tons of goods. It features the presence of 11 shipping lines that provide regular service and connect the country with the most important ports on five continents.

Exports are fundamentally concentrated on the shipping of chemical products to Mexico’s NAFTA partners (the United States and Canada), Europe, and the countries of South America, which account for 30%, 20%, and 18% of exports respectively.

In terms of imports, these consist largely of liquid petrochemicals originating in North America, and natural gas and minerals from South America.
The more than 3,000 hectares of port area accommodate 12 maritime terminals: ATP, IPM, OTM, VOPAK, TEPEAL, STYROLUTION, INSA, COOPER T. SMITH, TMZ, MCDERMOTT, TERMINAL LNG DE ALTAMIRA and IPA. These terminals allow for multiple and specialized usage, depending on the type of cargo (liquids, mineral or agricultural bulk, liquid natural gas, or general cargo). As well, the port is conveniently connected to railway lines and highways.

Ship container to Altamira

Our ocean freight services to Mexico

iContainers’ ocean freight services include door-to-door shipping. With our door-to-door service, your cargo will be picked up from and delivered directly to the postal code indicated by you. You may enjoy our door-to-door service to/from Mexico with any of these services:

What our ocean freight rates to Mexico include


Consult ship container rates for your ocean freight to Mexico.

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