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International moving to India

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Preparing your international removal to India

Life in India India boasts with extraordinary cultural and historical aspects. At present, it has a population of close to 1.35 billion people, second only to China. Hinduism and Buddhism, two of the five major religions of the world can find their origin in India. India has 29 states and 5 Union Territories, one of which, New Delhi is also the capital of India, among other big cities. Moving from the USA to India or any other country is not an easy task. India among others is a huge cultural shock for many - and to top it off, you also have to think about several logistical aspects.


DOCUMENTATION for you moving to India


PACKAGING of your belongings


TRACKING your shipment online


RECEPTION of all your goods


Cost of moving to India from USA


When you’re moving from the USA to India, you have to understand the cost that’s associated with it. India is home to many cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and more. What you ship and how you ship to India plays a huge role in determining the price of moving your belongings to India. At present, there are two shipping solutions: LCL and FCL

LCL refers to Less than Container Load. It is a shipping term wherein multiple shipments are clubbed and shipped in a single container. By doing so, smaller shipments can be transported easily as the cost is divided among them. If you are moving with fewer belongings, say multiple boxes of your household goods, then you can consider LCL shipping. To know more about LCL shipping, click here.

FCL or Full Container Load refers to a shipping solution where you use an entire container to transport a single shipment. In FCL, a container is filled exclusively with your shipment and belongings giving you the freedom to move household goods such as furniture and other fragile items. FCL is a good option if you have quite a few household goods to ship and need the space. It’s worth noting that just because you have the entire container, doesn’t mean that it has to be filled to the brim. You can choose to fill it as much or as little as you want, based on your requirements.


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Before you move to India, you need to understand that in general, international moving costs depend on your living situation in the new country as well.


If you plan on moving to India with few belongings, you can opt for LCL shipping. It will allow you to ship couple of boxes or a pallet with ease and at a cheaper cost.


Apartments (< 70m²)

If you are moving into an apartment after moving to India, you will be tempted to ship some large belongings like appliances and furniture as well. To accommodate these, you will need a 20ft container for your shipping.

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House (> 70m²)

For those who are looking to settle in a big apartment or a house, you will probably require a 40ft container. A 40ft container can easily accommodate large quantities of furniture, car, appliances and more.


Tips to reduce the cost of moving to India


When it comes to moving overseas, you need to ensure that you have all the possible documentation ready and this includes your shipment (apart from your visa). Your shipment will need a ‘shipping packing list’ that typically contains crucial information that is needed to clear customs in India. It’s crucial that you fill out the information correctly to avoid any delay or quarantine of shipment at the port

Packing your furniture for an international moving

People have a tough time when it comes to packing their belongings and household goods for an international move and that’s for good reason too. Packing your furniture for relocation is a serious business. Ocean transport is by no means a smooth option and to make sure your furniture is safe and sound by the time you arrive to your Indian city, you need to package it securely.

What items can not be sent in a moving container?

According to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade of India, the following items are prohibited:

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Animal products

  • Australian Lupin Seeds

  • Baby Gender Test Kits

  • Cereals other than seed quality (through FCI)

  • Chemicals, Haz and Non-Haz

  • Circuits & circuit boards

  • Computer software

  • Cotton seeds

  • Drugs, Prescription and Non-Prescription

  • Fabrics & fabric samples

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Gems and jewelry containing


India shares a DTAA or Double Tax Avoidance Agreement with the United States. This tax treaty allows US residents to save themselves from paying double taxes if they’re working in India or living. In order to be aware of your taxation situation, consult your moving advisor.

Where to ship when moving to India

India is a developing economy and with its $2.719 trillion GDP, it is certainly a massive one. India has grown leaps and bounds in its cultural, social and economical development and the major cities are a testament to the growth. While summers are considerably hot in most cities of India, winters are rather pleasant in cities like Delhi and Bangalore. Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai experience moderate temperate year-round due to them being coastal cities. The climate across India is just as drastic as its different cultures so it’s best to not generalize the Indian climate into one category.

  • Port of Delhi: Delhi is the capital city of India and is the second-most populous city in the world, and count with metro networks and subirban

  • Port of Mumbai: This city is considered to be the financial capital of the country. It has its own seaport that lies on the western coast of India

Need more help on your moving to India ?

Also, if you need further information about how to manage your international removal, you can also check our help center. You will find resources about the processes. We really hope you enjoy your future home.

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