Why import furniture from China?

US imports of wooden bedroom furniture have increased for four consecutive quarters (by dollar value), driven by recovery in the real estate market and falling national unemployment numbers. Furniture/Today’s 2015 Imports/Export Report reveals that US furniture imports rose eight percent in 2014. As this milieu has been challenging in recent years, this is encouraging news for furniture importers and their manufacturing partners.


In 2014,furniture shipments to the US rose to $21.4 billion, up from $19.7 billion in 2013. China remained the top overseas resource, with $12.2 billion in shipments, up six percent from $11.6 billion the year before.
China is well-knowing as an exporting powerhouse, and so it is unsurprising that China accounted for more than half the world total of imports, confirming its ongoing importance as a source country for the US market. If you’re an entrepreneur in the US, you should learn more about how to import furniture from China to the US.

Transit times for maritime transport

Shipping times for maritime container transport to the US vary depending on destination, and are not exact. Transport from China requires between 14 and 50 days. Shippers must also factor in possible delays caused by unforeseen incidents, as well as time for customs clearance. This is why iContainers encourages shippers to allow three months for shipping.

Air transport for imports of furniture products from China to the US

For smaller shipments of furniture, air transport may be a better option for you that maritime transport. If high stock turnover or high demand make your import deadlines very tight, you may want to consider this option. Although air transport does impose limits that mean moving a lower volume of goods at a higher price, it does reduce shipping times dramatically. iContainers’calculator can help you determine whether this is a viable choice for you.

For further information on shipping furniture, check out our tips on how to pack furniture for international shipping.