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Simplify Your International Move with iContainers

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iContainers is an online freight forwarder that can help you access the global trade environment. We are a digital international ocean freight forwarding service to make global logistics and trade an easier endeavor. Get the convenience of obtaining instant quotes for LCL and FCL ocean shipping—all in one place.

Simplify Your International Move with iContainers: Your Trusted Relocation Solution

Moving to a new country is an exciting endeavor, but it can also be a daunting process filled with complexities and challenges. From organizing logistics to navigating customs regulations, there's a lot to consider. That's where iContainers comes in as your reliable partner for a smooth and hassle-free international relocation. With years of expertise in the field, iContainers offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies the entire moving process. In this article, we'll delve into the numerous benefits and features that make iContainers the ultimate choice for individuals seeking a seamless transition to their new global home.

Challenges of International Relocation and How iContainers Can Help

Relocating internationally brings unique challenges; iContainers ensures seamless, stress-free solutions.
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Logistical Complexity

Coordinating an international move involves intricate logistics, from arranging transportation to navigating different time zones and customs regulations. iContainers' extensive network of partners and agents worldwide streamlines this process, ensuring that every aspect of your move is expertly managed.

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Customs and Documentation

Dealing with customs regulations and required documentation is a common hurdle in international relocation. iContainers' team of experts is well-versed in the complexities of customs procedures. We guide you through the necessary paperwork, minimizing delays and ensuring your belongings cross borders smoothly.

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Packing and Protection

The safety of your belongings during transit is paramount. iContainers offers professional packing services and a range of protective materials to ensure your items are secure and arrive in the same condition they left. Additionally, our comprehensive insurance options provide an extra layer of protection against unforeseen events.

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Budget Concerns

The financial aspect of an international move can be concerning. iContainers addresses this by offering transparent pricing. Our detailed quotes break down costs, allowing you to plan your budget accurately and avoid unexpected expenses.

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Communication Barriers

Language barriers and communication challenges with various service providers can lead to misunderstandings and delays. iContainers eliminates this obstacle by providing dedicated customer support throughout your relocation journey. Our multilingual team ensures effective communication, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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Uncertain Timelines

International moves often involve multiple modes of transportation and various stages, which can lead to uncertain timelines. iContainers' real-time tracking feature offers transparency and visibility into your shipment's progress, enabling you to plan your move with confidence.

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Cultural Difference

Adapting to a new culture is exciting but can also be overwhelming. iContainers' expertise extends beyond logistics; our professionals offer insights and advice on adjusting to your new environment, helping you settle in more smoothly.

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Environmental Impact

Shipping belongings internationally can have a significant carbon footprint. iContainers addresses this concern by actively promoting sustainable practices within the shipping industry. By choosing us, you're contributing to eco-friendly initiatives that minimize the environmental impact of your move.

Solutions to These Challenges by iContainers

Guide to Shipping Success

Comprehensive Guidance

iContainers' experienced team guides you through every step of your move, addressing logistics, documentation, and customs regulations. With our expertise, you can navigate the complexities of international relocation confidently.

Tailored Packing Services

Our professional packing services ensure that your belongings are packaged securely for their journey. Additionally, our insurance options provide peace of mind against potential damages or losses.

Transparent Budgeting

iContainers' transparent pricing empowers you to make informed decisions. Our detailed quotes help you plan your budget accurately, eliminating unwelcome financial surprises.

Effective Communication

We understand the importance of clear communication. iContainers' dedicated customer support is available to address your concerns and inquiries, ensuring you stay informed throughout the process.

Real-time Tracking

The real-time tracking feature keeps you updated on your shipment's progress, allowing you to anticipate delivery timelines and plan accordingly.

Cultural Insights

Beyond logistics, iContainers' professionals provide valuable insights into adapting to your new cultural surroundings, making your transition smoother.


By choosing iContainers, you support eco-friendly shipping practices that reduce the environmental impact of your move, aligning with responsible global citizenship.


What Customers Have To Say

Friendly and professional, they answered all of our questions. Our belongings arrived safe and sound. Moving is a stressful time, but they helped bring down our stress levels. Showed up just on time. The move itself was so smooth. Really put it in effort to make sure every corner was wrapped. Best movers, no doubt!

Christina Stoichkov.png

Christina Stoichkov

Moving from the US to Spain

I had to move from Canada to Europe and iContainers was recommended to me. I don't regret it at all, everything was very easy and with information about the process at all times, they offer you the possibility of organizing it according to your needs. I would repeat it again.

Daniel R..png

Daniel R.

Moving from Canada to Spain

iContainers is a digital freight forwarder based in Barcelona that assists thousands of companies and families around the globe in moving their merchandise internationally.

Our online freight quoting platform has the latest technology in the sector and simplifies ocean freight, quoting and managing your bookings from the same user area.

We are part of the Agility group, and we work side by side with Shipa Freight to fully cover the demands of our customers.

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