According to the 2012 census, there are approximately 1,039,923 Colombians living in the United States, which is 0.34% of the total population. The top 3 areas habited by Colombians in the United States include South Florida (330,000), New York (150,000), and North New Jersey (99,000).

Preparing your international removal to Colombia

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Cost of moving to Colombia from USA

On our web you will find a provisional list of all the articles that can be shipped to Colombia, along with its standard volume and weight. This will guide you on how to determine the volume and weight of your shippment, our website also provides you with a couple of easy steps you should follow: obtain an estimated price for your move.

When you are booking a Full Container Load (FCL) to ship your goods to Colombia, you are the responsible for all the entire load. in thise case, the container is not shared with any other shipments, so your belongings and goods will be safe from any unknown items.

If you choose to use Less than a Container Load (LCL) to ship to Colombia, all belongings must be properly boxed and wrapped before you make the shipment. If you do not have a pallet to place your load on, let us know at the moment of the reservation and we will try to provide you with one.

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Moving rates to Colombia from the United States are calculated for a 20ft standart container, for a personalized price quote on your moving

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If you want to understand on international moving prices, you need to understand the logistics behind it and depending on how you want to move to Colombia and the belongings you choose to carry with you. There would be three options:

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If you’re moving with just a few goods, packed in a couple boxes or a pallet, you’ll need a LCL solution, a relative cheaper option.

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When you are moving to Colombia, if you are planing to live in a small apartment and carrying just certain items, you will be needing a 20ft container.

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If this is your situation, and you are moving into a bigger apartment or even a house, you will need more space for your belongings and goods. For those who want to ship their furniture, car, appliances and more heavy-duty items, you’ll be needing a 40ft container.

Tips to reduce the cost of moving to Colombia


It is really important to have all the correct documentation when moving to Colombia. You must have your passport, employment number, and even your work visa. Regarding your shipment, you are required to have a list with the items and goods that your are shipping, a document called the packing list.

Packing your furniture for an international moving

An important step in your international removal is the correct way to pack your belongings and household goods items. Some goods like furniture or fragile items, are quite easy to be damaged in sea shipping and that’s where the packing takes an important role. If your can dismantle your furniture, that should be done so and then packed for shipping to Colombia. For fragile items, double or even doing a triple packaging is considered to be a safe bet.

What items can not be sent in a moving container?

The Colombian Inspection Services (or Colombian Customs) is responsible for monitoring and inspecting all foreign goods that arrive at the country. This officers along with sophisticated machines inspect over 100 million goods or items each year. The prohibited items for Colombian include:

  • fresh fruit, vegetables, live plants, seeds
  • live animals (including pets)
  • biological products
  • unprocessed goods of plant or animal origin
  • soiled goods, or goods containing organic residues
  • goods knowingly infested with pests or a disease.


Tax rules and regulations differ from one country to another. US and Colombia have a tax treaty. The treaty has provisions with regards to double taxation on pensions, social security, and other income. In order to be fully aware of your tax situation, the best is to consult a moving advisor.

Where to ship when moving to Colombia

Colombia has nine seaports, which allows them to have an organized and prosperous marine traffic. They have improved the infrastructures in the ports, which resulted in an increase in marine transport and an improvement in productivity. Two of the most important ports in Colombia are:

  • Port of Barranquilla: The Port of Barranquilla is one of the most productive ports in Colombia. Used for cargo and containers as well. There are 11 shipping lines that ship to the Port of Barranquilla; which result in 5,384 programmed port calls each month and 64,608 every year. It is also the only port in Colombia situated in the Atlantic Ocean that has a railroad to transport the loads
  • Port of Cartagena: The Port of Cartagena is known for its specialization in container trade. It was established as the main logistics and international transportation seaport in Colombia. With 11 shipping lines that have routes to Cartagena, which result in 10,724 booked port calls a month, and 128,688 each year.

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Also, if you need further information about how to manage your international removal, you can also check our help center. You will find resources about the processes. We really hope you enjoy your future home.