What is Shipping Transit Time?

Transit time is how long it takes to deliver cargo to its last destination after being picked up from a specified pick-up point. The amount of time required to move goods from one point to another deviates widely, so it’s essential to get these details before booking a shipment.

The shipment transit time relies on many variables such as weight and size, distance traveled, and mode of transportation operated. Ocean freight transit times could be from weeks to months, depending on the route or shipment method.

Port to Port Shipping Transit Time & Sea Freight Transhit Times


Our Transit & Shipping Time Calculator

This shipping time calculator supplies estimated times for international shipping along selected trade lanes. Instantly calculate freight shipping transit times for your cargo by entering the address, city, zip, or country of the origin and destination.

Your shipment may be subject to additional delays due to holidays, customs regulations, or mechanical issues with carriers that are out of our control, exceeding the estimated delivery. The transit times just estimate how long it will take for your shipment to arrive at its destination. Air freight will be the faster option, against the sea freight transit times.

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Average Transit Times

The average transit time, or delivery times for your freight, differs depending on the mode of transportation and selected lanes. However, the general practice is that cargo traveling on more extensive vessels takes longer to arrive at their final destination than those traveling on smaller ships. Here are the main options:

  • 1 LCL (Less than container load): 15 - 40 days
  • 2 FCL (Full container load) takes approximately 25-45 days,
  • 3 Trucking: 14-18 days
  • 4 Airfreight: hours to few days.

What Factors Affect Transit Time?

Freight transit times are constantly changing due to external factors such as weather circumstances and road closures that impact the most efficient route for carriers to take. Therefore, logistics specialists must continuously watch these changes to guarantee that goods arrive at their final destinations when they are supposed to, along with proper freight documents. Also, keep in mind that port to port will take always lower time, as door to door requires multimodal transportation.

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