Germany is one of the richest countries in the world. For year 2014, Germany exported a total amount (estimated) of 1,547,000,000,000USD what makes Germany the third world largest exporter.

On the other side, for year 2014, the United States of America exported a total amount of 1,610,000,000,000USD.

With respect to the commercial relationship between the US and Germany, America’s exports to Germany amounted to $49.4 billion or 3% of its overall exports. The list of top 10 products is the following:

  1. Vehicles: $6.7 billion
  2. Aircraft, spacecraft: $6.5 billion
  3. Medical, technical equipment: $6.1 billion
  4. Machines, engines, pumps: $5.8 billion
  5. Electronic equipment: $4.6 billion
  6. Pharmaceuticals: $2.4 billion
  7. Other chemical goods: $1.7 billion
  8. Gems, precious metals, coins: $1.4 billion
  9. Plastics: $1.3 billion
  10. Organic chemicals: $1.1 billion provides instant quotes for FCL and LCL shipments from the US to the main Ports of Germany, including Hamburg.
Please see below other macroeconomic data for year 2013 showing the 10 top commercial partners for US Exports.

Rank Country Export
1 France 138
2 United States 121
3 United Kingdom 105
4 Netherlands 98
5 China 92
6 Austria 77
7 Italy 73
8 Switzerland 65
9 Poland 58
10 Belgium 58


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Your shipment can leave the United States from one of over 300 ports. Each port sets it’s own fees and export documentation rules, so finding the best port of export for any given cargo can be difficult.

  1. New York, N.Y.: The port is by tonnage the third largest in the United States, one of the largest, natural harbors in the world and the busiest on the East Coast. In 2014, the port handled over 3,300,000 containers and approximately 400.000 automobiles.
  2. Baltimore, Maryland: The Port of Baltimore handled during 2012 more than 36.7 million tons in foreign commerce (imports and exports), valued at $53.9 billion. It ranked 11th of 36 USA ports in handling of foreign tonnage and 9th in dollar value of the cargo handled during 2012.
  3. Savannah, Galveston: It os one of the most important seaports in the US. During the last 15 years, the Port of Savannah has been one of the fastest-growing seaports in the United States, with a compounded annual growth rate for the period 2000-2005 of 16.5 percent (the national average is 9.7 percent). On 2007, the Port of Savannah had a record year becoming the fourth-busiest and fastest-growing container terminal in the U. S.. It handled more than 2.3 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) of container traffic. Such figure represents a 14.5 percent increase and a new record for containers handled.
  4. Houston, Texas: the fourth largest city in the United States of America. The infrastructure is a 25-mile-long complex of diversified public and private facilities located a few hours’ sailing time from the Gulf of Mexico. It is the busiest port in the United States in terms of foreign tonnage, and the second busiest in the United States in terms of overall tonnage.
  5. Norfolk, Virginia: with 50-foot channels and berths and no air-draft restrictions, it is the only US East Coast port with Congressional authorization for 55-foot depth channels. During 2013, the Port had a 2.30 million TEUs output with 33 percent of such cargo arriving and departing the port by rail, the largest percentage of any U.S. East Coast port.
  6. Charleston, S.C.: In 2012, the Port of Charleston ranked as the 8th port in the United States by cargo value, with $63 billion in imports and exports traded.
  7. Port Everglades, Florida: The most important US Port for commercial trade with Latin America in terms of TEU container traffic and unheralded expanding trade relationships. Port Everglades moved 1 million TEUs in 2013.
  8. Jacksonville, Florida: For 2008, this port ranked 39th among all US Ports for Export Trade with 1,569,311 short tons traded.


  1. Port of Hamburg: It is the largest port in Germany. In terms of TEU throughput, the port of Hamburg is the second busiest port in Europe (after the port of Rotterdam) and 15th largest worldwide. In 2014, the Port handled 9.73 million TEUs (20-foot standard container equivalents).
  2. Port of Bremen-Bremerhaven: The port of Bremerhaven is the 16th world largest container port and the 14th largest in Europe with 4.9 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) of cargo handled in 2007.[5] In addition, more than 1,350,000 cars are imported or exported every year via Bremerhaven. Bremerhaven imports and exports more cars than any other city in Europe except for Rotterdam, and this traffic is also growing.


Rank in Europe Rank in World Port City State TEUs in 2008 TEUs in 2009 TEUs in 2010 TEUs in 2011
1 10 Port of RotterdamRotterdam Netderlands 10,783,825 9,743,290 11,145,804 11,876,920
2 14 Port of HamburgHamburg Germany 9,737,110 7,007,704 7,895,736 9,014,165
3 15 Port of AntwerpAntwerp Belgium 8,662,891 7,309,639 8,468,475 8,664,243
4 21 Port of Bremen-Bremerhaven Bremerhaven Germany 5,488,189 4,578,642 4,888,655 5,915,487
5 26 Port of Valencia Valencia Spain 3,602,112 3,653,890 4,206,937 4,327,371
6 30 Port of Algeciras Algeciras Spain 3,324,310 3,043,268 2,810,242 3,608,301
7 32 Port of Felixstowe Felixstowe United Kingdom 3,251,077 3,100,000 3,400,000 3,248,592
8 50 Port of Petersburg Saint Petersburg Russia 1,983,110 1,341,850 1,931,382 2,365,174
9 51 Malta Freeport Marsaxlokk Malta 2,300,000 2,260,000 2,260,000 2,360,000
10 53 Port of Gioia TauroGioia Tauro Italy 3,481,043 2,857,438 2,851,261
11 54 Port of Le Havre Le Havre France 2,488,654 2,240,714 2,358,077 2,215,262
12 55 Port of Bruges-Zeebrugge Zeebrugge (Bruges) Belgium 2,209,715 2,328,198 2,389,879 2,207,257
13 60 Port of Barcelona Barcelona Spain 2,569,549 1,800,214 1,945,735 2,033,747
14 63 Port of London London United Kingdom 2,006,721 no data no data 1,932,000
15 64 Port of Dublin Dublin Ireland 2,039,041 no data no data 1,931,001
16 70 Port of Genoa Genoa Italy 1,766,605 1,533,627 1,758,858 1,847,648
17 N/A Port of Piraeus Piraeus Greece 433.58 664.90 863.81 1,680,133
18 86 Port of Southampton Southampton United Kingdom 1,850,132 1,400,000 1,540,000 1,324,581
19 87 Port of La Spezia La Spezia Italy 1,246,139 1,046,063 1,285,455 1,307,274
20 89 Port of Las Palmas Las Palmas*[5] Spain 1,428,944 1,007,207 1,198,491 1,287,389