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Optimize Your Costs

Pay only for the amount of space your shipment occupies.

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Compact and protect your cargo

Low-volume shipments are safer when shipped together in an LCL container.

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Ship With Stable Rates

LCL rates are less volatile than FCL rates.

What is LCL?

LCL: Less than Container Load

LCL shipments, also known as groupage, refer to ocean freight shipments that are transported in a shipping container alongside cargo from other shippers by sharing the space within the container.

Here's When You Should Book LCL

  • 1 When your volume is under 13m3: LCL rates are based on weight and volume. It is cheaper to ship via LCL when your shipment’s volume is under 13m3 → Lower shipping costs with LCL
  • 2 When you want to book last-minute shipments during the shipping peak season: During periods of congestion, it’s easier to secure a spot with LCL shipping than FCL → Secure a spot with LCL shipping
  • 3 When cargo volume is too high for a full container and too low to fill two containers: The cheapest option would be to fill an FCL container and ship the remaining via LCL → Optimize both FCL and LCL costs
  • 4 When the cargo isn’t urgent: While low-volume shipments can be transported via air freight, LCL shipping is a much cheaper alternative → Save money with LCL shipping
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What are the main difference between FCL and LCL?

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Altought capacity is the main difference, you can check here LCL vs FCL, and find which option is more suitable for your cargo

Most Popular LCL Shipments

Palletized LCL

This is the most recommended option because your cargo is transported safely on pallets and allows for easy handling. Truckers also usually require cargo to be palletized for inland moves. → Palletize your cargo to protect your LCL shipment

Loose LCL cargo

With loose cargo, your merchandise is transported in stacked boxes. While it’s a popular option for shipping LCL cargo in Asia, the merchandise is susceptible to damages. → This option compromises the security of your cargo and that of other shippers

Advices For Your LCL Cargo

  • 1 Any material used for packing and transporting your LCL cargo should be wood-treated and the ISPM-15 verified stamps should be visible. This applies to pallets, dunnage, wooden boxes, and any block and brace materials.
  • 2 Use high-quality packing material and do so with care as your shipment will be exposed to sudden and brusque movements during handling and transportation.
  • 3 When shipping fragile merchandise, make sure to use appropriate labels and ensure they’re visible. When possible, label all sides of the box.