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Ocean Freight to Chile

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Ocean freight shipping to Chile

According to its GDP report the Chilean economy is the fifth by importance in South America, in which dynamic and strength must be highlighted. Chile has signed a great number of trade agreements with third countries, which makes its economy one of the most open for free trade.

FCL or LCL for your ocean freight to Chile

When choosing freight services to Chile whether doing it in a Full Container Load (FCL) or in a Less Container Load (LCL), also known as groupage. Take into consideration the below:

Shipping a container to Chile does not mean that you have to fill it completely. Meaning your goods will not be share with any other exporter, which means you will avoid any contamination problems of any type as this only your load. Anyhow, it is usually less expensive, but if you are sending 10 standard pallets in a 20-foot container, or 21 standard pallets (or more) in a 40-foot container, the most profitable solution for shipping freight to Chile is the Full Container Load (FCL).

Therefore, remember that iContainers offers the best rates for sending a container to Chile.

Ocean freight ports in Chile

Seaports have a very active role in the development of trade operations in Chile. Up to 88% of the Chilean exports are made through seaports.
The length of the Chilean coast allowed the construction of seaports along the entire coast, providing the necessary infrastructures according to the product to be exported.

Thus, in the North of Chile, seaports are used mainly for the transport of minerals; in the Central area for agricultural products and the movement of containers; in the Southern area for wood-based products, while in the Austral area are mainly for transport.

Port of San Antonio

The Port of San Antonio is the main seaport in Chile, over Valparaíso, and is also one of the most important in the South Pacific area. It’s 100 km/60 mi Santiago and is the main docking seaport for ships arriving from Asia. Its surface is 271 ha. The main freight moved through this port are corn, wheat, wine, apples, cooper and grapes, among others.

The Port of San Antonio has four terminals and nine berths/docks. San Antonio Terminal International, as single operator, runs the Molo Sur Terminal. The Espigón Terminal is run by many firms under the multioperator system and is administrated by the Empresa Portuaria de San Antonio. The North Terminal is specialized in importing solid bulks and is run by the operator Puerto Panul as single operator. Finally, the Policarpo Toro Terminal is specialized in liquid bulks and is operated by Vopak Terminal San Antonio Ltda.

On the other hand, within the port exist two fishing terminals. One is caleta Pacheco Altamirano and the other is the fishing terminal “Puertecito”, which is under construction.

San Antonio also has within its premises a chemical products terminal, TERQUIM, administrating a public terminal for liquids and another one for sulfuric acid. Besides, the terminal has a storing area of 1968 ha.

Ship container to San Antonio

Port of Valparaíso

Valparaíso Port is the main port for containers and passengers in Chile and one of the most active in the Pacific coast of South America. Every year more than 10 million tons of freight are transferred and its terminals serve more than 30% of the entire foreign trade of Chile. The port receives around 40 cruise ships and 100,000 visitors per season.

The main freight moved in the port are fruits, cooper, food, agricultural and industrial goods, chemical and mining products, vehicles, cellulose and paper.
There are 303 ha with two main terminals. Pacífico Sur, as single operator, runs terminal 1 while Terminal 2 Espigón is administrated by the Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso under multioperator modality. The port also has a fishing terminal of 846 m2. There is also a storing area of 28000 m2.

Ship container to Valparaíso

Port of Antofagasta

The Port of Antofagasta is located in the North of Chile, 1361 km from Santiago, having road and train connections to Argentina. As it is in the main mining region of Chile, its main function is to ship all the products related with the mining industry.

The Port of Antofagasta has a surface of 186 ha and a docking length of almost 1300 m. It has two terminals with six berths/docks. Terminal 1 runs under the multyiperator system, comprising sites 1,2 and 3, and is administrated by the Empresa Portuaria de Antofagasta. All the shipping, customs and docking agencies wishing to operate are allowed to do it.

Antofagasta Terminal International S.A. (ATI), as single operator, runs Terminal 2, collecting more than 95% of the Port freight activity.
The Port of Antofagasta has an area for small ships and another one for fishing ships. The dock has 130 meters and on it reach port tugboats, tenders and others. The fishing dock is 137 meters long and repair works take place there for fishing ships, buoys and rafts. It has a 16000-m2 storing area.

Other ports towards you can make your maritime transport to Chile are Arica, Iquique, Punta Arenas or Mejillones.

Ship container to Antofagasta

Our ocean freight services to Chile

If you’re looking for ocean freight services to Chile, look no further. iContainers provides professional and cheap ocean freight services to Chile from many different cities and ports all over the world including those located in:

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What our ocean freight rates to Chile include


For more information, consult ship container rates for your ocean freight to Chile here.

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