Why import plastics and plastic derivatives to the US?

The US is importing an increasing number of plastics products. From 2009 to 2010, the average increase in US import value was 23 percent. It will come as no surprise to anyone to hear that China supplies the most imports to the US, with $264 billion exported from January to September 2010. Plastics are among the top-ten items imported into the United States.


Much of this importation is related to radial tires, electronics, and toys. Plastic tableware and kitchenware and other household articles are also important categories here.
For the North American Industry Classification System 326, Plastics and Rubber Products, China accounted for 30.4 percent of the 2010 US import total (for January to September, the period covered by the report), with Canada second at 19.9 percent, followed by Mexico (8.2 percent), Japan (7.8 percent) and South Korea (5.7 percent).
Clearly, plastics and plastic derivatives should be important to anyone seeking to import to the US.

Transit times for maritime transport

There is a range of shipping times for maritime transport of goods from the US, depending on the origin of the shipments. International transport from Europe to either the East Coast or West Coast of the US varies between 16 and 58 days (in the case of shipments coming from the UK, this range is between 8 and 39 days); transport from Latin America via the Pacific and the South Atlantic and Caribbean can take between 6 and 58 days; northern and South Africa require between 31 and 82 days respectively; transport from China is between 14 and 50 days; and the Middle East requires 54 days.
Unpredictable incidents can take up further time, so shippers must factor in such possible delays. Customs clearance can also take up more time than anticipated. Three months is thus the window that iContainers generally recommends clients allow for their shipments.

Door-to-door service to import plastics and plastic derivatives from Spain to the US

iContainers’ door-to-door service from Spain to the US allows for excellent control of and security for your shipment. It includes the following features:

  • Simply by providing the zip codes of your address of origin and your final destination address, you can get online quotes and instant reservations for container transport for your goods. iContainers’proprietary technology makes us the only shipping business to offer this type of service.
  • We will pick up your goods at the address you’ve indicated, and deliver them to the port from which they will be shipped.
  • We will ship your goods to the appropriate port in the US.
  • We will manage customs clearance (excluding fees and duties).
  • We will transport your shipment from the port of destination in the US to the final address you have indicated.

You can get an instant quote using the iContainers calculator; by calling us at +34911980990; or by emailing us at comercialb2b@icontainers.com.