According to the 2012 census, there are approximately 248,823 Argentinians living in the United States, which is 0.08% of the total U.S. population. The regions with the most habited by Argentinians in the United States include Florida, Texas, California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey and Connecticut. It is estimated that Los Angeles and Miami have over 50000 Argentine Americans each, followed by the New York area.

iContainers: What can you ship with us when moving to Argentina?

If you are looking for a reliable and safe way to move to Argentina, iContainers is just a call away. We provide a trustworthy door-to-port service that will help you with the moving process, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your belongings are in good hands.
When the shipment arrives to Argentina, customs officials will be checking for entry and exit stamp dates to verify everything is under control. It is important that you are ready to sign a guarantee with the customs officials; and if you return to the place of origin, you must depart with the belongings you arrived to the country with unless you want to pay duty fees (unless you are a citizen). Unaccompanied baggage sent to Argentina should arrive in Argentina within six months of your arrival in the country. When shipping new articles to Argentina including new domestic belongings and new personal items, this shipment will be issue to import duty fees in Argentina of around 50%. You will be allowed to transport the following:

  • Household items
  • Furniture
  • Artwork
  • Kitchen appliances and equipment
  • Electronics
  • Transportation

How to estimate the volume of your shipment to Argentina?

We have a list of the articles that can be shipped, with a standard volume and weight. To help you determine the volume and weight of your cargo, our website provides you with a couple of easy steps you must follow: obtain an estimated price for your move.

Decide on LCL or FCL when moving to Argentina?

When choosing a Full Container Load (FCL) to ship to Argentina , the customer is responsible for the entire load. Since the container is not shared with anyone else,your belongings will be safe from any unknown cargo that could be mixed when sharing it with someone else.
If you choose to use Less than a Container Load (LCL) to ship to Argentina, all belongings must be properly boxed and wrapped prior to shipping. If you do not have a pallet to place your load on, let us know at the moment of the reservation and we will provide you with one.

Where to ship when moving to Argentina?

In iContainers we do not provide a door-to-door service when moving to Argentina. However, we are glad to refer you to one of our numerous freight forwarder agents around the world to complete a door-to-door service.
Argentina is a renowned seaport exporter, with one of the largest economies in South America. With Brazil, they are the only countries in South America to enter the G-20. They are among the biggest soy producers in the world behind the United States and Brazil, producing around 48 million tons in 2011. They are also the fourth largest petroleum producer behind Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia. They are also known as one of the largest meat exporting countries, with a very high quality product. They are the main software developers in the region and the second largest car parts and elements producers in South America.
Two of the most important ports in Argentina are:

  • The Port of Buenos Aires is mostly used as a container seaport, but the recent renovations gave the port the passenger traffic it used to have in its golden age in the 50s. The port is managed by the Administracion General de Puertos (General Ports Administration), and private firms run it. It is considered the fourth best port in South America and the Caribbean, in both size and amount of cargo handled annually. You can choose from 4 ports of destination when shipping cargo to Buenos Aires. With 7 shipping lines making 7660 schedules port calls per month.
  • The Port of Rosario is a fluvial port that is managed by ENAPRO (Ente Administrador Puerto Rosario - Puerto Rosario Administration). It is located 550 km away from the estuary of the Parana River, on the right bank.There are 7 lines shipping to Rosario provide a total of 2056 departures every month for US to Rosario trade routes.

Tips for a successful move to Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful, culturally diverse country, being the second largest in South America and the 8th largest in the world. European countries such as Italy, France and Spain mostly influence its capital, Buenos Aires. If you want to have a successful move to Argentina, you must take some things into consideration first:

  • Learn about its culture.
  • Be open-minded and outgoing.
  • It is recommended not to travel before your belongings are shipped.
  • Have proper documentation in person.
  • Transit times may change.
  • Have a destination agent or customs broker.

If you have further questions, contact one of our experts or refer to the guide to moving overseas.

Steps before moving to Argentina: Documentation, personal identification and proper packaging

It is extremely important to have all the correct documentation present when going to Argentina. You must have your passport, employment identification number, and work visa. For your shipment, you are required to have a list with all the items and goods that your are shipping. It is mandatory to have this document in case anything happens to your belongings during the course of the voyage. Being organized and thorough will help you with any inspections or insurance claims. You will be provided with a Bill of Landing, which includes:

  • Your name
  • Shipment details
  • Shipping company
  • Points of origin and destination
  • Address of your final destination

It is key not to lose your Bill of Landing, because you will need it to claim your shipment. In order to avoid such thing, make sure to make copies of it, and make it accessible when you arrive to your destination.