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International moving to Australia

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Preparing your international removal to Australia

Nestled between the Pacific and Indian ocean, Australia is home to some of the most bustling international cities in the world. Apart from its capital Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney are considered to be cultural and economical heartlands. Moving overseas is never an easy decision to undertake - if you’re moving from the USA to Australia, there are some factors that you need to be aware of well in advance. While Australia shares a common language and a similar culture, what makes living and working easier, there are other factors to consider, such as taking care of your personal belongings.


DOCUMENTATION for you moving to England


PACKAGING of your belongings


TRACKING your shipment online


RECEPTION of all your goods


Cost of moving to Australia from USA


When you’re moving from the USA to Australia, you also want to consider the cost of shipping your household goods to Australia. Items like your clothes, furniture, and other goods will need to be relocated and the price of moving your belongings to Australia depends on how you choose to ship it. There are two main shipping choices available: LCL and FCL shipping.

LCL shipping is also known as Less than Container Load shipping. LCL shipping is carried out when there are not enough goods to fill an entire container. In this form, different shipments share the same container as well as the cost of shipment. You should choose LCL is you are moving small belongings such as clothes and other household goods. LCL is the perfect choice for those who want to move non-fragile household goods. Because multiple shipments share the same container and it’s not always filled, there is a good chance that your fragile items might get damaged, hence fragile items should not be shipped as LCL.

What should you do if you have a lot of household goods to ship? Opt for FCL. FCL or Full Container Load is when a container is used for a single shipment. Unlike LCL, the container will not have shipments from different people and you can use it however you like. FCL is ideal for moving big household items like furniture and other fragile items. FCL gives you the peace of mind knowing that your fragile items are safe and sound and just because you have the entire container,doesn’t mean it’s compulsory to fill it completely.


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While trying to understand international moving costs, you have to understand the logistics behind it and most of it is largely dependant on how you will be living in Australia and the belongings you choose to carry with you. They can be distinguished into three categories:


If you’re moving with fewer belongings, usually confined to a few boxes or a pallet, you’ll be needing an LCL solution, a relatively cheaper option.


Apartments (< 70m²)

After moving to Australia, if you plan to live in a small apartment and will be carrying certain appliances or furniture, you will be needing a 20ft container for your shipping needs.

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House (> 70m²)

If you’re moving into a bigger apartment or a house, it’s no surprise that you will most likely be needing more belongings and household goods. For those who want to ship their furniture, car, appliances and other heavy-duty items, you’ll be needing a 40ft container to ship them


Tips to reduce the cost of moving to Australia


Before you make your move to Australia, you will need all sorts of documentation. Your personal paperwork aside, you will also be needing documents for your personal belongings, this is commonly known as a ‘shipping packing list’. A packing list includes a basic summary of the items you plan to include in your shipment while relocating to Australia. It includes details like shipment destination and other crucial details. While filling out the packing list, do not rush the process as any missed information can cause a delay in customs. To know more about a shipping packing list, click here.

Packing your furniture for an international moving

Most people are quite unsure about the right way to pack their belongings and household goods for an international move. Items like furniture and other fragile items are rather tricky to ship overseas and that’s where the packing comes into play. For instance, if you have furniture that can be dismantled, it should be done so and then packed for shipping instead of shipping it as is. For fragile items, double or triple packaging is considered to be a safe bet.

What items can not be sent in a moving container?

The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service or AQIS is responsible for monitoring and inspecting all foreign goods that arrive at seaports or international mail centers. THE AQIS officers along with sophisticated machines inspect over 150 million items each year. Apart from obviously prohibited items such as chemicals and firearms, Australia also has strict restrictions on food items. The prohibited items for Australia include:

  • fresh fruit, vegetables, live plants and bulbs

  • prohibited and restricted seeds

  • live animals (including pets) that require an import permit

  • biological products including some plant based, herbal medications

  • unprocessed goods of plant or animal origin

  • soiled goods, or goods containing organic residues

  • goods knowingly infested with pests or a disease.


Tax rules and regulations differ from country to country and the mutual agreements between the two countries. US and Australia do have a tax treaty. The treaty has provisions with regards to double taxation on pensions, social security income, and other income from annuities. In order to be fully aware of your tax situation, it is best to consult a moving advisor.

Where to ship when moving to Australia

Australia has a population of close to 25 million people. It is considered to be an underpopulated country with a robust economy and is the 14th on the list of the world’s largest economies. Australia is an island nation and thus it’s coastline plays an important role in the development. It is also a largely flat country with low average rainfall. While shipping to Australia, you’ll be looking at two major ports: Port of Brisbane and Port of Sydney.

  • Port of Brisbane: Located on the east coast of the state of Queensland close to the suburbs of Brisbane, a city of 2.3 million residents, the Brisbane port witnesses 28 million tons of cargo each year and continues to be an important seaport for Australia.

  • Port of Sydney: also known as Port Botany due to it being on the Botany Bay is the second busiest port of Australia and is located quite close to the Sydney airport as well.

Need more help on your moving to Australia ?

Also, if you need further information about how to manage your international removal, you can also check our help center. You will find resources about the processes. We really hope you enjoy your future home.

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