Your guide to shipping to and from Latin America

The benefits of doing trade with Latin America couldn't be clearer. However, the process is far from straightforward. To reduce risks when shipping ocean freight shipments to or from Latin America, there are process and documents that all shippers must be aware of.

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Did you know?

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    Many factors go into what Incoterm you should choose for your shipment to and from Latin America. Above all, it depends on whether you're the importer or exporter.

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    Aside from standard shipping documents like the Bill of Lading, documents required for ocean freight also vary depending on its destination, such as the import document required by Mexico.

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    Import duties form a significant part of your ocean frieght shipment budget. To complicate matters, each country has its own way of calculating them.

What’s in this guide?

The United States and Spain are key trading partners of Latin America, with countries like Mexico or Colombia. With so many benefits to reap from doing trade with them, it’s all the more important to get the logistical complexities involved with ocean freight right.

In this guide, you’ll find the the essential knowledge needed to send ocean freight shipments to and from Latin America with specific focus on shipments originating from and destined for Spain and the United States. More specifically, we’ll discuss:

  • Shipping transit times to and from Latin America
  • Main ports in Mexico and Colombia
  • Best Incoterms for your imports and exports
  • Required ocean freight documents
  • Import duties
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the logistics sector