LCL Import Price Calculation

LCL import price calculation depends largely on who pays the freight and who chooses the shipping company. As we have discussed previously, Incoterms determine legal responsibility and cost responsibility throughout the international maritime shipping or air transport industries for both import or export shipments. In the case of LCL shipping, it might be very different if goods come under FOB or CFR conditions.

If merchandise is shipped using CFR conditions (i.e. the importer only pays for arrival which include THC, documentation charges, the container deconsolidation, storage and delivery to your warehouse) it is very likely that the importer will end up paying a much higher cost than if the shipping was carried out under FOB conditions (i.e. paying the freight from the port of origin).


When goods are shipped using CFR conditions, the freight forwarder at origin loads the goods on arrival as he decides (not the client) in return for a commission. Then, the freight forwarder who has consigned the charge must contact the freight end customer. In this way, they may appear to have 2 or 3 additional intermediates in the chain, which will inevitably increase costs. In these cases, the total transaction price far exceeds the price that would have been paid using FOB. Furthermore, in these cases it is impossible to agree on a price before the arrival of the goods.


When merchandise is shipped under FOB conditions, the importer is the person who hires the entire LCL shipping service and although in this case pays the cost of shipping, arrival expenses will be known in advance and will not be increased by the existence of unnecessary intermediaries.
In maritime LCL freight, as well as most expenses related to the freight, are measured per ton or cubic meter (the larger of the two). That is, if the weight cost is greater than the volume cost, the weight cost will apply or vice-versa.

Use our tariff searcher to find out the costs of international LCL shipping imports selecting where you would like it delivered and selecting the port of origin. Once you get the first approximation for 1.5 and 10 cubic meters we invite you to register so you can get an exact price for your weight and volume.

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